One subject we will be covering tonight is: Can a high octane male and a fine lady occupy a work space without it being taken as a romantic something?

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First there was Robin, who appeared out of no where in Rupert Idaho, she trained as my understudy, and second seat in the station there. She learned. Then as now there was my mate. Janice(Monkee) understood, but then Monkee was 8 years older than me, and understood the the specs to what I do  for a living to assist the Club. Then over time there became Erin, aka Nurse GoodBody she understood, she was married then to an Aussie, he even made us roll up sandwiches to munch on for snacks during the show. Even then I was in bad shape money wise, but she and I became friends and still are today and on a quick phone call away, it worked. Granted Erin did have some acting modeling training and was under part contract with two agencies out of Salt Lake City. Erin’s feet were always in my face for a great reason, much of which I still use today. Those long smelly rehearsal sessions while improv still serves me . Something to be duplicated  if not done better with Princess. And yet for some odd reason, still everybody that surrounds me in my immediate circle thinks that there’s something hinky going on here. Which brings up the question to society. Can a man and a woman work together as a team, no matter the vocation without some folks think there’s a love or romance connection going on. I have seen it both ways, Both from the same Exec producer, Airwolf had Caitlan, teamed up with string, nothing romantic going on, just good friends doing a job. On the flip of that was Harm and Col. MKensi, there was always a thought of would they? Yet they both worked out of and in the same office for the Navy Jag. In real life although there are but a few, I know Big C, is not romanticly involved with his lady employees yet treats them like the rest of us as company family. Just because your working together, forming new frontiers, does not mean your cuddling in bed together. I look at Princess as I do Rick, Charlie, Jared, or any of the Club members as great friends, the only difference is, Princess has a V-Chip and Breasts. The others don’t. Face it when we gave women the ability to read and drive, and the vote, the society we knew as dominant males, changed. More women occupy the work force than ever before, many in executive and managerial levels. Guy’s have to work with women, women work with guys. If anything the thing of the #metoo movement and all proves, albeit a thin one, but proved there’s a line you do not cross, when the clock says work day is done she goes home and I do too. And not with each other. Sure its really great that I have Princess, Kathleen, and others who check up on my to make sure I’m alive and kicking, or at least breathing. but I like my alone solitude time. I like my own bed, by myself, all by myself. I relish my independence. DI sent me home early today, my jaw and all was still in big pain. Tried to do laundry at DI, but it got the best of me. So I came home. I don’t dig drama, I don’t like being stuck in the middle of a fuss twixed my old lady and a new hire. Its no wonder String lived by himself in seclusion, in the mountains. No women, no nothing and only accessable by air. Give me my writing, my music, and my hobbies, but please no more mental strain. I can’t handle it. If we’re lucky its toes in hose against my nose on the show tonight, but even if not, there’s a team assembling here, and I’ll be damn if I’m fuggling that up. Or allowing anyone else too.

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