And this is why we do it the way we do it.

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And this is why we do it the way we do it. Example, I go on FakeBook, start watching a Southern cooking video, FakeBook has a very long way to go to see fruit from the video tree. Any mile, getting back, so I start watching this cooking show. Not more than a few frames in and I was boared shitless. No thank you. If they would have put in a southern hottie as a staging host, then that gender challenged chef on there might have came off plausable. So that said Whether its our  Angel, Princess, or anyone else I cast into a place, her basic reason to being here, is to get viewers and listeners. That makes the club and in a round about way me money. A company is only as good as its employees, in towing your only as good as your next tow run, in radio your only as good as your next on air show. Your help, your creative team, better be top of the line, because they are what makes you, meaning us money.  That’s what employees are, they are what make you money. You pay them to make you look good. Bad employees that don’t stay with you, employees that never show up, employees like Chandra, who I thought held the moon and stars for this gig, got cold feet, never called, hell she never did, ever come by the studios, much less walk through the door, sit down, and even try to do a show, and I waited a year with her in the state owned cross bar hotel, for her. She wanted me to relocate our operation to Boise and all, plus put our rep on the line and she can’t even stay in touch? I wasted Club money, which put us in part behind, because of that investment. Which is why I had to put up my own money back into the Club’s cash stash which lead to me having to go to beg for rent money. Then when I had but all gave up, and waiting on PoohBear to fetch up the funds from her cash stash which she says she lost, in came our Miracle Angel. Who uplifted me and gave me strength to salvage this radio etc gig here in Western Idaho. Not only can she think on her feet, has plenty of spunk, and courage, she does nice things. Like thinking, shit I’m hungry, but to keep me from feeling hungry while she eats at the station here, she gets me food too. How many think that way? She arrives looking the part of a Southern Rebel Angel, but also carries the concept to the studio. This is why you hire such people, but its also why I nearly hand select everyone, I bring into the WolfPack. The inner most circle, I know without a single thought of doubt, that I can give a key to her to the doors of the station and all, and that all that is here will be here when I get back. That is important. I remember that Tammy, who started with us in Evanston. Oh she was sweet alright, got under my skin, did all the right things, but then got tight with some asshole that was dealing in nose candy, he couldn’t sell got in need of serious cash, went to an event , came back and all radio gear, right down to my custom 214 vest, and underwear, had vanished, along with her. Hell we rather I, nearly lost LexiBelle over it. The last time I resided in Evanston, that was the ultimate goal, was to find where the radio gear , of nearly $150,000.00 got stashed and to attempt recovery of same. Let’s face it, the Knytes/WolfPack’s vocational, and business model, if there is one, is a bit obscure. It does not fit a conventional model, but it works, most of the time. I don’t do mass hires, I carefully test , interview, and assemble only the perfect fit, people. Reason and it comes back around, sure make a friend, be kind, helpful to my people, and why? Because those people are the who that puts cash in my pants and in my bank account which is at the end of the day when you take off your girddle, and kick back, is why you hire anyone, to make YOU in our case the Club’s money. Then there’s PoohBear. I don’t know if its her way of protecting me, or the Club or both. The how she treated our Angel, was very childish, and flat mean. There was no need in the name calling, no need in the method of which Pooh was belittling Angel, and no need of posting on that damn FakeBook, it nearly cost me our Angel, and Angel, is what did save me and this gig in Western Idaho. I was all set to bag this place. Angel walks through the door, and with one hug, one motion, gave me and all me again. Yet I have no serious interest in anything domestic housing unification here. Sure I’m cuddling Angel, in a business sort of way, just as she does and did me. I need her. As much as I need Rick in Evanston who watches over the only thing on Earth that means anything to me , my LexiBelle. I’m not into being really tight or domestic with anyone right now. I’m still healing from Monkee, from several years ago. Attempting to salvage a relationship only to it ending with a guy with his hand on one thigh with her hand on mine. Sorry that stung. Not much into getting that deep again. I’m a free spirit. I love God above, the Knytes, The UCSMC and of course LexiBelle. Followed by whatever it is with PoohBear, and of course Angel. Past that I don’t care. I like independence, I relish doing my own thing, at my own pace, in my own way. Which is why I gave up the concept of DI. Sure I am thankful for the help of the Church for keeping a roof over my head, Yes I think I should reciprocate, that gift. However with only about $30.00 in my bank account, the cost of fuel, going back and forth every day even in Stallion, to Twin Falls, to work there, is too much for so little. I have a business to run for the Knytes, plus my own there’s not of a lot of wiggle room in between. Which is why I have our Angel, of a Miracle here. At the end of the day, its your employees that make you what or what your company will be and is. They are what puts green in your jeans, get bad ones you loose. nurture the good ones, and your success is guranteed. 

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