The night started going good, but this is why God made motorcycles.


Two damn feline’s fighting over someone that is not a one to fight over. But this is why God in his great knowledge made Harley’s and why, living a life in near to complete solitude is appealing. I do as I do, when I want to, and with who, if anyone at all. This is why I run my own company, and don’t enjoy being a slave to someone else. I just don’t do or deal well in any kind of captivity. I don’t like being smothered, or managed. I came into this world alone, I live alone, I sleep alone, and even if I opt to sleep with someone or associate with someone, I don’t enjoy or allow someone to tell me I can’t, shouldn’t don’t . With that said, Our Southern Sunshine, started a poll, and a questionaire on can a man work together, especially very close together say in a radio studio, drive a rig together, without it getting hinky , kinky, or romantic. Can it be shown to the public that your just co-workers, and possibly just be buds, without the entire population, as well as the S-O-B-‘s thinking your about to have a low rent rondevoo? Find us on FB . Between Sunshine’s icky tummy and techno problems I scrubbed doing my show this evening, but I’ll try to fire up in the early AM, Thursday. Freeing my mind of societal norms, the true beginning of understanding of the concept of Anarchy, in reality, all a man really wants is to be truly free, and comfortable. 

Night Ya’ll

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