A bad choice of words, but the idea is the same.


In my last entry apparently I made a few errors in words and phraseology. It’s not that I am in love with our new talent hire its that I’m proud of her and the direction that she can provide the F.I.R.M as well as the Knytes/WolfPack. When you have been busting your ass as long as I have trying to find that one perfect fit for both on air as well as cover girl talent, and attempting to advance this operation in dead end Idaho especially around here, that when you find that one person, you rejoice in that person. She calls me her boss, I don’t like that myself, as in our view a boss reflects more of an authority figure, and that goes against our Anarchy methodology. Or our base of thought. Now there’s a major difference in the idea of a togetherness he&she Love in a romantisized way, and that of the love of a organization sister or for that matter brother. In the Knytes and or the WolfPack of the AyreWolvez, we are one big happy family. I have sisters all over this nation even a few around here and two that are fully patched policy voting members, one races stock cars near Boise, the other one is a model, as well as home maker/wife of a great guy. That said, if either of them needed me, or the club in any way, there is no way that anyone of us would not come running to help out, or render assistance, same goes for our Miracle Angel, Athyna aka AngelWolf. The reason I changed her on air handle or title is she also felt uncomfortable with the Princess label. 

The thing is simply this this organization has went through more than just the ringer when it comes to finding the on air and video talent we need. Sure we could go without that and perhaps at a turtles pace advance, but patience has never been one of our virtues, nor thinking typical or inside the box as its said. but where is that sizzle that gets the attention of listeners or for that matter viewers? If you don’t have a better than the rest eye candy? I have always been critacle of those sites, those streaming webcasts and over the air shows that just don’t have that WOW factor. There just needs that bit of something, and I think inside of me that with our Angel Wolf we have it.  When she walked through the door of the Lair here, there was something that struck me as knowing right then , nothing here would be the same. The natural, feeling of her just being here, then came our facility search in Twin Falls, she got right at it, and we except for some minor T crossing and I dotting have it. So when I say I am in love with her may have been the wrong way to say it, what I am is, very proud , satisfied, and anticipate a long healthy employment as well as sincere friendship with her. After all what is a friendship it is a form of love or at least special feelings towards another, whether its Rick In Evanston, Nate in Evanston , Mirinda in Boise, or Erin in Shoshone. I love each of them as well. So if I made two people uncomfortable I apologize. I have a big heart, a tired mind and the road here has been long. Having some computer glitches this morning. The grand computer Steve Kathleen’s hubby put in our hands has some age issues, in both software and programming. More on that in my next entry. Be on the air around noon today, join us then on: http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf 

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