First there is one, now there are many, I’m happy with the one.

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This is always the way it goes. I seem to operate for many months without hardly a nibble on the line for new recruits for the radio media ops. Once we hire one and get everything in place others start sniffing around. Got an inquiry from some gal in Burley, one from in Twin Falls that works at one of the Stinker Stations there. Must be graduated high schoolers of age and those taking summer off from college need short term employment. Our goal is not short term. If you get under the skin of SAMCRO MC in any way , we want you here for a very long time. Granted $20.00 an hour may not be high wages, but they are better than most find in the housekeeping and or food service industries. Plus if you consider that twice a month if weather conditions are good a gal can generate $200.00 an hour for a 7 hour photo shoot, that can make together a $5,000.00 or so pay day at the end of the month. With all that said, Last night was a disaster. Angel’s written report went belly up on Blogger that set the tone for lets not do this tonight. So I went in did a show , mostly of music, went to bed, and would not be up now except that just as I was dreaming of finally regaining the custody of ye old General, our General, in Pocatello somewhere, Here comes CenturyLink on the phone. Now how can someone have an account rep at CenturyLink, and yet get called by other ends of CenturyLink? Plus if the Cuban idiot now residing in Florida that was in their Arizona HQ would not have promised free service for two to three months, I would have paid the damn bill if only they had sent me a paper bill. But no, CenturyLink screwed the pooch So  have to fix it. But should not your new assigned account rep at least call, text, or personally drop by? Nope. They messed up, but want to push their mess up, back on me. If your going to get a screwing you ought to at least enjoy it, with CenturyLink I seem to be getting a screwing, but not enjoying it much. Half of CenturyLink is in Lousiana, the other half who knows where. LG bought them about a year ago,  CenturyLink formerly Qwest closed their doors. In that time CenturyLink has laid off about 1500 or more employees in reflection of AI. Thing is some human intelligence ought to be deployed before making it artificial. So why assign me an account rep, that don’t represent us? Why give me new toys, when there’s no back up? In my opinion there is but two maybe three CenturyLink employyes that I count on. Greg a site tech who lives in Gooding Idaho that I have on speed dial. Who went way beyond his duty, and spent 16 hours one day getting our system to work as well as it does. Two a account rep, from Nevada, that forgot that our account with them was kicked to the curb due to a not possible service in Evanston. Hey even Evanston in most of the town is not yet fiber. And one that I know that used to be in management in Boise. Past that it seems CenturyLink is drowning and taking victims along with them. Hey Cable-One sucks, and some have Cox, and neither is good. The only telecom that I know that delivers honest value is AllWest Communications based in Kamas Utah. They serve Evanston. Mindi and their people are good people. They work with their customers from tech to accounts payable and receivable. Why can’t CenturyLink go see how AllWest does business and attempt to duplicate it, more over Comcast and Cable-One that has CoX, should examine AllWest. What I truly need, is a big foot long, doob, gas money, my bike and a cabin in the deep woods, and about a year of solitude. No phones, no internet, over the air fuzzy TV, no women. That is why you will never see a Harley owned by a patient parked at a head shrinks office. 

Finally, when it comes to poster/cover model photography, this is like what I have in mind. View, and enjoy, and I will see ya’ll on air overnight.

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