The heat is on, but how many are serious or are just kicking tires, and yes, AngelWolf is home alone, and the show wasn’t the same without her here.

samcro journal

Finally a time when I can finally sit down, put my feet up and have a beer. AngelWolf is long gone at home something about grabbing grub with her ex. Funny, what she is searching for in a someone, is closer than it might appear. I have a Step son, that is 110% all PRCA Bull rider cowboy, that would love to cuddle up with our sweet Angel, but she has this distant fantasy of a someone, and if to keep things only friendly I’ll let that go at that. See I have about that same kind of fantasy. There’s a sweet lady just about my age within a year or two, that took my breath away from the very second I saw her. But life’s plan did not bring us together at least in a romantic way. I also have my PoohBear, and as goofy, emotional and not too adjusted still could someone else step in? Sure but it’d take one helluva woman to do it. After all who the hell wants, a chubby, near bald grey haired biker/mechanic/tow truck owner operator? Few. Add to that radio and video, and media and the fact that while my feet are planted on the ground I yearn to sprout wings again, but the FAA is still a bit held off by that concept due to my type 2 diabetes, so I just look to the sky, and cry. 2 years ago shortly after I met PoohBear, I had to sell 65% of AyreWolf Aviation to my second cousin, maybe in time I could buy that back, but my body condition is such that I look to the sky, however fly ? Not in the immediate future. So I remain on the ground and am the voice of those Marine and Navy Aviators who flew and still do for the defense and in service to this confounded Yankee led nation.

AngelWolf went with me over to Jerome earlier to Walmart since our local Dollar Store didn’t have spray paint to refinish a desk for her to use. We stopped at Steel-Horse, for a few then ventured off to the big blue box store. Got there and Angel was a bit concerned that her going in with me might seem odd to some folks. Shute, it was and felt so natural, that you’d think that she wasn’t just the co worker she is, but we looked as a couple. Kinda felt nice. We got home here, and painted the desk then she departed. I swear, every time she leaves its like a part of me leaves with her. Yes Angel is my gal pal friend and 1st officer here, and absolutely PoohBear is my lady, but all it would take is a sneeze in the right way and the whole thing would change in less than a heart beat, and I know, Angel knows it. When Angel came through the door the first time, she threw her golden rope around my innerds and looked so peaceful and relaxed her, that it truly amazed me. I didn’t have to put on the formality, protocol, mask. I could just be me and get business done. On the way home, we got to talking, and she related that she didn’t feel she had done much if anything. I told her she had done things that few have done, at least with me. An example, since I have her here, and all, with her constant un pretended beauty, I started deleting all the smut and leggy pics off many of my computers. Why? Simple Angel looks better than any of them. After all who needs teasers, when you have a pleaser? If you listen to the show from last evening, listen to the music. You’ll fully understand. She does though make me more conscience of the need to laundry. She don’t say nothing about my Skoal habit and me spitting all the time, although I know that it makes her tummy a bit off, and is why I’m slowly going to try to quit. Yes, this old high flying canine, is looking at not using smokless Skoal, any more. And she wonders what she has done. PoohBear may have my heart, but Angel has my soul. 

Show at 13:00 in the afternoon. Time to catch some zz’s while its still dark. and on AFRN.

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