I want a day off work too, just One.

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Before I get into my main topic here I want to relate this as the question has raised its ugly head again. There are a few reasons that this radio gig is not in a formal office structure and resides in where I sleep. Mainly I had no reason to place it any where else. People see job for on air, cover girl etc, apply on FakeBook, maybe show up, never stay or don’t stay long. My thought and only now have I began working to gain a more formal facility, but prior I said why? Why, should I spend Club funds on a 2,000.00 a month plus place just to go there by myself? Can’t gain the people with the right mentality or tenacity to serve the Club outside of regular membership, so why go the expense. Keep the radio gig in house, save the damn money.

Okie, Dokie; I truly want a day off. No work, no administrative duties for the Club, no radio show to do, no nothing, just climb in my ride, fill it up with fuel, and ride off into the south hills, go camping, go just bathe in solitude. That has not happened in 35 years. That’s right not even once. Sure I go on field trips, convention meetings and all, but it always has the duty of me to the Knytes of the radio gig, or directly to the core of the Knytes. Never have I just taken the time, to just go and completely unwind. Never. Quick example, I have dishes in my sink that have needed to be washed that have been there for a week or so, same goes for laundry, do I get time for me? No. As far as spending money, do ya’ll realize that outside of some underwear and only then because they had become unwearable, did I break down and buy undies. As well as socks, Same goes for my rides, I’d love to be able to have the time to wrench on LiL Wolf 0723061309 she needs simple stuff, but no time, to do it. Of course there’s LexiBelle, 0616071536 I love that old truck more than life itself, But have I had a chance to break away from Western Idaho and go over to Evanston and care for her? No, why? Because 18 hours of Every day, I’m here in this Rode House aka the Lair, working on media for the Knytes. The last time I had time to just blow off air was in 1985 somewhere when the UAITA had a district convention in Boise. Sure I went to the SEMA(Specialty-Equipment-Marketing-Association) convention in 1989, outside or those two and both were work connected, I havent went no where. Wake up, do radio, maybe eat, write programming, try to sell ads, for the station, and if I’m really lucky I might have time to go poop, and possibly sleep. Outside of that I shower twice a day. Why? Even though there are 300,000 members of our organization broken up in 4 divisions, 75% or better are currently deployed, in service through the 214, USMC, the rest are in service domesticly. That leaves me with 5 people , well 6 now including Angel. Guess what while Angel and some of the other 3 get a pay check, I don’t. I don’t make one tiny red cent off the Knytes for what I do, since I don’t serve the Knytes for money, I serve them, as a brother. Period.  So why is Angel so special? She walked in and became a breath of fresh air. At the point she walked in, due to a serious malfunction of some of PoohBear’s funds, I was ready to just wait out the month, pack up the gear, go back over to Evanston and prep for the Knytes to just write off the entire state of Idaho as a bad mistake and dream. More like nightmare. But Angel’s enthusiasm, and all renewed my thoughts of what could once again perhaps be here in Western Idaho near where the Knyte’s were founded. After all I had went through waiting on Chandra, even after she got out of the joint, and the fact that the Knyte’s legal council helped a bit there, even though she doesn’t know that. But she gets out shortly after my birthday. She wanted us to be of service to us, to relocate to Boise, I nearly did, something said stay put. So I muddled through May. Thinking of hey finally I can blow this soda stand of Idaho, was all hepped up for that, but PoohBear’s money got short circuited. Was this a thing of Kahless to stay put so Angel and I could join vocational forces? Or just a computer glitch? Now when it comes to this area, including many families around here that were served by myself, the Knytes and mostly my Mom and Dad, has anyone reached outside of the Smith’s who have little, to aid in this enterprise or me? Was anyone here to render aid when I damn near had a coronary over mowing my own lawn? Nope, it took PoohBear calling Sircom from Florida to render me medical aid, here in Wendell.  Where are those families that are most able to render financial aid to the radio net here, and even me, that My family bailed out years ago? There’s a swine farm facility east of Wendell Idaho, that was funded by my Mom to the Shirley family, where’s the money back from that sale to me? A half a million is the price there. Where is the money for that antique tractor sitting on a pole just north of Hagerman that was stolen from our farm? Where is the help up from the Twitchells when me, the Knytes including Jimmy threw a impromptu concert in Hagerman at the American Legion Hall years ago, after that families home burned to the ground, and left them freezing that Christmas, hell My mom even bought toys, for that family. Where are they? Then there are many more, yet good old Patrick sits here all alone, and gets the 3rd degree, just because I reached up and rendering our F.I.R.M to a young lady ? Why is she special? Twice she brought and bought viddles(food) for us here. She didn’t have too, she could have ate here and been selfish, but she split her food with me.  I do the same. She needs repair on her Dodge truck, I just happen to know someone in the business a very dear friend of the Club and I who can rectify that situation, plus provide some money for what she is driving now as scrap.  But lets get back to what’s here. Back in 1984, my grand home and all that was anything to me was sold, for 1% of its real value conned through two real estate people out of Hagerman. One was the County Accessor at the time. Guess what a half a million or better could not buy that home back, but where are those that made a great bunch of money on the sales commissions on that house? The list is long, but where are those people? Where is that idea of community, that could ask me, what can we do to help? Can we help money wise for the sustainment of the radio network, can we help with your rides? Nope. None of them except A1 and Charlie.  Then I get this shit of being legit, really? The Hazzard Knytes aka Knytes-of-Dixie and all its subsidiaries are as legit as there is sunshine in the sky. As constant and solid as the birds singing on a summer morning.  If anyone should ask the question am I going to get screwed again, it should be me. Angel is the one factor that came into the picture along with my PoohBear that gives me any sense of connection, the love of Kathleen and family although I haven’t seen them in a few weeks still are dear, because they reached out and gave a hand up, rather than a hand out. The Knyte’s and my family gave way too many hand outs. My family forgot about it. I haven’t I want repaid. Maybe then I truly can have a day off.

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