So if this is so painful why do I still stay involved in it?

TOEW BANNER1samcro journal

And to think I was just asleep. Our Mother in Gooding, just had to jump down our neck again. Can’t all just let this evolve on its own? Guess its my turn however, since Angel had to fend off PoohBear I guess it is my turn to fend off Mother in Gooding. That said, I have been asked many times, if its this painful to do what I do and what we do, why do I do it and why are we still together? Simple, when you see a crippled child that gets a brace to walk again, because our Club provided the money to buy that brace, you realize what your going through is worth it, when you see a heart transplant in a Veteran get paid for by the efforts of our Club, its worth it. When you see a family saved from winters cold storms after a fire destroys their home, its worth it. When you see hungry children get food because we did a food run, or a child who might not have a new toy on Christmas morning get presents its worth it. That’s what we do and why we do it. Granted we do not operate or look like much of anything, but looks are not always what’s under the skin. Nor the fact we believe in we sacrifice so others benefit, is our core. Yet we get seen as the evil ones, or something sinister. After awhile it does get to you. You start to wonder are we in the right place? Sure we do what is right, and for the right reasons, but any farmer will tell you, sometimes the field is not yet right for planting. Does that mean others would just asoon we toss our Angel and just hire out of an agency? Perhaps. Or do we just have Angel for a one shot photo gig then say bye? Again perhaps. My thought is simply this. There’s more to Angel that a house keeper, or food service employee. She has brains and abilities. I’d like to see bloom. I want to see Angel in a few years or months with a newer home of her own, Married to a great guy, and say we helped to make that happen.  Not just toss her aside because a few people with their heads up their ass can’t see the good that we do, or the good we can do for a young lady that could use something good in her life. More over she can be good for us. Why is it so damn hard to understand this? That two people of opposite genders can be just pals and work together, without there being a he & she thing going on? Sure Angels scent of what she wears smells good, so did Rick’s dog Lilly, her new shampoo and all made Lilly the club mascot, dog, smell good too, but it don’t mean I want to breed either one of them. Froyd said it best, There are times that a cake is just a cake. It needs no further examination. So what we are a motorcycle/hot rod club, reborn out of a Marine air combat squadron, known as the BlackSheep, VMA214, so what? We are not sinister, we are not evil and if you think we are, don’t be at the place to get food, from the food pantry accepting food and gifts, that we helped to provide. 

I’m getting tired of this, bickering. And fussing. So what I got close to a new recruit, does it mean I have to continue to act like a Marine Drill Commander ? Can’t I show a bit of kindness and consideration to a new recruit? 

new co logocsaflag

good night

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