So today was Fathers Day, did anyone remember ?

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Today was Fathers Day in our nation. Did anyone remember theirs? As for me kinda feeling blue a bit, PoohBear wished me Happy Fathers Day, my son in Kentucky wished me Happy Fathers Day, and my own son in Pocatello did. My step Daughter didn’t, nor did my other two daughters. I would like to prefer to remember my own Father. Who after all this time has been pretty much forgotten by many in these here parts of Idaho. It was MY Father that donated the seed money to Hagerman’s QRU unit, the new firehouse there, the waste water treatment plant, created in part the Ponderosa Inn and Golf course, in Burley, and countless other financial gifts. My Dad did a lot for people, mainly me. It was my Dad that got me a sit on the pilot’s lap in thee, X-15 the first supersonic aircraft jet, it was my Dad that got me into training simulators as a pree Tween at HAFB, it was MY Dad that got a training simulator unit of the then Lunar Module so I could show it off at my 6th grade Science Fair in Utah. It was My Dad that taught me my southern heritage, history, and so on the list is very long, but I remember my Dad. Dad was of the thought it is better to give than to receive, its better to do for others than for yourself. That it its better to mentor rather than be mentored, my Dad taught one thing that was the corner stone of the Knytes and me, if you hold out your hand with one finger and point and say why doesn’t someone do this or that, He used to say there are three other fingers and a thumb pointing back at yourself, meaning don’t say why don’t someone, ask why don’t I do something about this or that, why wait on someone else? A recent example; sure when Angel first showed up, I could have interviewed her, set a date for a quick photo shoot, did a photo session, paid her and sent her on her way. But she was out of a long time job, she needs to find her own home where ever it is, so I thought why not get her more involved in what we do? Get her in the studio, get her into career building operations, like helping to build a historic radio network. Get her involved in recruiting, interviewing and screening new talent. Plus its kuel, that I have another lady here to think things through a woman’s mind other than PoohBear’s. Angel provides that. Sure, she earns a paycheck here and all, but as for me I have a dear friend in Angel, but Angel is not the only one. I have had two that did for me and is why I’m thankful for both. I can remember coming back from active duty, sitting pretty blue and near completely broke on the back of Lil Wolf. I was as blue as blue could be, hardly having a will to live. Here came Mirinda, extra beer in her hand and sat down and chatted. Then came the free use of her wifi so I could be online, plus the numerous times she gave me money for SKOAL, and those coffee talks each morning waiting for the bus to take her kids to school. After awhile Mirinda became the first female patched member of the Knytes. Soon after we relocated from the near end of the block of 8th street in Gooding into a office space in Gooding, asshole Rick Strickland leased us an office space, but for some odd unknown reason the idiot Post Office of Gooding, by the same route carrier couldn’t bring the mail only a 8 block relocation. Sure we did a address change and all, but the post office of Gooding could not find us. I had LexiBelle, up at the Gooding Airport. she needed a new carb, so I took it to a rip off in Gooding. Bill came to just over $700.00. At the time we had just hired Erin aka Nurse GoodBody. She was a nurse and had a great package, but I was sweating over LexiBelle. One evening during production I was feeling really bad, Erin reached in her purse, got out her checkbook and said how much to take care of LexiBelle? I told her, and LexiBelle was released from her bondage at the asshole shop in Gooding, although the repair never really lasted. She was the second female ever to be patched into the Knytes. BTW Erin and I remain dear friends, on a speed dial phone call, and have if  not weekly, monthly coffee talks usualy at Java Bean in Twin Falls. I know her husband and all her kids. Even her ex made roll up sanwiches and some organic soda pop, for us to eat on air, or during our on air shift. Then of course there’s Robin from Burley, she was very dear to me, she came in studied for about two weeks, within a short time she could voice track better than anyone I have trained. When I broke up with Monkee, in 1994 it was Robin that helped me through a very bad time. She became the third lady person to be patched. Thing is if anyone even remotely thinks that there’s something hinky going on twixed Angel and I , its yourselves you most need to look at. My Dad mostly taught me to be kind, helpful and give, no matter the gender, if and its biblical, if you see someone homeless and you have shelter offer them yours, if you see someone hungry , and you have food, feed them. Here’s two great examples. When I had to attend Wendell High School, because of a school district malfunction, see our ranch there just above the fish hatcheries just outside of Hagerman lied on both the district lines of Hagerman and Wendell schools. Some idiot redrew for a year or two the lines, so I had to attend Wendell rather than Hagerman. A side note, I do not claim Hagerman , nor Wendell my home towns. I claim two, Layton Utah, and our created Hazzard Idaho. I truly hate both towns and the head up the ass attitudes of both towns. Your idiotic pre conceived notions are going to kill you. Any way, there was a kid that I really fought on more than one occassion, his name was Tracy West. He would beat me up, I’d beat him up. Over time however Tracy and I became dan great friends. He lived with us at our house shortly after his step dad and his mom broke up. He too did not believe in a bath tub or shower, he was big and kinda stupid, hell he looked like Sasquatch , but he was good for one thing and still is on a speed dial call, he made a great equalizer , somebody give me shit, Tracy took em out. No questions. Then came Allen or as I still call him Bro. 

When Allen and I connected, Allen was a near drugged out punk, hardly ever took a shower, and thought he was a member of a acid rock band. No two people should have ever connected. I was a bit lazy, Dad hired Allen to be our grounds keeper. That lasted about an hour, shortly after Allen and I went to Hagerman, met Jimmy Mac who was my shop partner. Over the years Allen and I were nearly un seperated.Jimmy Mac, Myself and Allen are thee founders of the Knytes, Allen was there when Our General Lee was bought, was there at the first showing of our car. Shortly after Hagerman got the official recognition and second name, Hazzard Idaho. Steve at ziggy’s, Mark one of our County Commissioners, are two more local members of the Knytes. There is a long list and a longer history here, much of which a few wish to forget. Mostly cause many owe me and my family some serious CASH. Dad forgot about it, Mom forgot about it, I wont forget about it. I want paid, a few million would suffice. What I’m getting to here is this you can be a friend, offer your love to another person as a fellow human being without getting into their jeans.  This crap over Angel and I has to stop. I’m her friend, her Club brother and nothing more. If some of ya’ll have a problem with that and you have insecurities over the connection, maybe its yourselves you need to examine. 

Happy Fathers Day(my ass).

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