So why My LexiBele?

SAMCRO TOEW10616071536

So why do I cling to that old tow truck, that in many’s minds should have been sent to the scrap pile years ago? Simple, that old truck holds between its two doors all that is me, my family, and my heritage. That old truck was purchased at the time my Dad passed away, that old truck took me to school, took me to my prom, took me to three of my marriages, that truck holds all that is dear, and loving in my life. It is the  very core of me even being in the Knytes, had it not been for that truck there would never been the Hazzard Knytes.  That old truck is where I had my first real sexual encounter, in fact that truck took me to both of my parent’s funerals, and as it is written, I’ll be burried in it. That said, LexiBelle, was a dream. See I didn’t buy her new, she once was the property of Dave Coffellt of Twin Falls who owned Valley Towing and Radiator, the best place in town to take a leak as they said. I remember walking out one day from what was then SAMBO’S cafe in Twin Falls. Dave had brought her there , her candle lights glowing in the dawns misty air, her stacks pouring out a white angelic vapor, I fell in real love. I had to have that truck. Up to that point going towing was like number 3 on my careeer choices. I had though only of flying and broadcasting. But LexiBelle changed my mind. So I started working part time with Jonny Nausbaum of Jonny’s Towing of Twin Falls and Dave at Valley. Every day I’d go out in LexiBelle, then my Dad passed away in April 1978, I was lost, mom took the last bit of money at the time in her savings account, I took out money from military pay and over to Twin we went. Shortly after , some 2, million 600,000 miles ago, LexiBelle has never been away from me or where I didn’t know where she was. LexiBelle is why I wake up every day, and the base of what I feel is still possible. So if anyone ever wonders why LexiBelle is the single most important thing on Earth to me, now you know. After getting ripped apart earlier by some people that don’t understand some domestic things, there will not be a radio show tonight, I just am not up to it. When someone goes after my honor and integrity that hurts. But guess what Angel is here for life or as long as she wants to be. She’s more than an employee, she’s a dear friend. 

Good Night Ya’ll

good night

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