Thank The Great Spirit I’m a Kountry Guy.

There are many people that think that me being raised in a rural back country area that I was deprived or something. I’d like to meet anybody who has lived, done, been, and experienced what I have. I was blessed by having the best of the best, as a child. Not only material things but a set of parents, that believed in their dreams enough to stay together and make those dreams and ambitions real. I went to great schools, had great teachers and mentors, and friends and I still do. I can be entertained by the most modern upbeat and techno things on earth, Likewise I can find wonderment in watching squirrels and the Morning Doves, or a group of same fussing over a certain tree. On our massive farm, I could seclude myself in a small glen on our place where just about all the critters were. I just did not socialize well. The things I should have learned about , from how to read women’s thought to their body parts came at about age 17. Oh sure I dealt with the girls in theatrical areas, but as for getting to know them, I really didn’t find that all that inviting. I was the wall bandit at school dances, I found that Church dances as where one in Jerome got up and danced with me at about age 15 blew in my ear, and I was dizzy. Found out she was the biggest tease in both our school and Church Ward then. Heck I had to ask Dad when I got my stiffies why that happened. Dad just handed me a Playboy magazine and said here read this. When I was just about ready to head into the UCSMC, I was tuned into one of our radio streams via ISDN , from Los Angeles, at then KFI AM 640. On there was this radio show from a Sex Thearipist. Named Dr. Rith. I started listening to her, and later bought her book, this was an eye opener. Here was a real somewhat guide to the questions I’d been wondering about. Now in my world, unless there’s a real solid connection from an emotional deep down feeling department and/or a ring on a finger, Herman don’t don’t out to play. Date, kiss, smooch all that fine. Anything else there had better be a real dedication between me and the other person or, as my needs on a physical arena is concerned I go to the Sugar Shack or Miss Donna’s in Nevada, get it taken care of for a few hundred bucks, and I really do not have a need to stretch the cord. Might be why I never saw the dangers of women who dove in on me in 1983 when my Mom died and it was the Knytes that kept me from really stepping into dung. See, I live the way I do as a defense mechanism. I don’t show the treasure chest, unless there is something solid, and it was the 3 or 4 following my Mom’s death that made me this way. See they wanted to show me a great time, give me all the dreamy steamy pleasures, until I said and they found that there was a guy in Boise that said you are not getting any of this, even if he(meaning me) dies. Soon after the majority left. See someone sitting on a half a billion dollars of oil, land, and other stocks and financial things is a good, enticement, to many women.  As such I was subjected due to being very naive. It was the UCSMC, the Knytes, the WolfPack, that has kept me from screwing myself into the ground. It was only until 2013 that I finally got in part ahold of that treasure chest, and still to date, its still in Federal Court as to how that gets done and when I truly get full control. So that being what it is years ago in 2003 my Cousin, because of PTSD, got me enrolled in SSA, and I do okay that way. All employee and company things are still administered by the Knyte’s President in Utah and California. 

So here came Saturday, now there are many who say that the Sabbath Day, and religious study is done only on Sunday. I don’t buy that. I say and I was drawn to a publication flyer I discovered in Bliss Idaho at a laundry mat there, that said worshiping on Sunday only was a sin, that it was Saturday that was in fact the Sabbath Day. The publication said, that it was the Roman’s that changed that, and I am in the belief that folks study, go to services and all not to honor, learn of, and bless the All mighty. but to absolve themselves from all the sin they have committed the prior week. Sure we break bread and drink wine/water, to symbolize the sacrifice that Jesus gave at his crucifiction, that in truth happened between Thanksgiving and Christmas, and that the time of Easter was when Christ was born. I have lots of questions there. As like, why is it we read of Christ’s birth, yet no or hardly no mention of anything of his youth, only that at about Christ’s early 40’s that he began teaching gospel. What did Christ do about dating, relationships, or for that matter primary or secondary education? Did Christ date? Did he have lady friends and urges? after all he was a he, and says he was albeit a gifted being still human. Yet little else is spoken. Now I could go on, and ask the rest of the questions if I could, like why did the Bible stop at Revelations? Why didn’t 3rd and 4th Timothy get printed? Why is so many chapters and texts of the bible repeated? Same goes for the Book-of-Mormon, Its the same story, same happenings, yet different actors in the play so-to-speak. And why do we call God, God? I gave God the name Kahless the eternal seer of Qunos. The next dimension is not Heaven, but that of Stovacore, and there’s traditional steps to reach the level to be able to enter there of. Such as the right of Acension, Or the unification of brothers, as we still do in the inner circles of the Knytes. This is a honored ceremony where as all in the inner circle of the High Council, gather, a new just graduating person from being a Prospect to patched member, slices their hands with a razor knife , bleeds over a eternal candle and drinks the blood of all, symbolizing truly united by blood. This is still why only but a few women, have ever become true patched members of the Knytes, they just can’t go through with that last part of the entrance requirements. We say it, ” Born by blood, live by blood, die by blood.  Religions do this same thing on Sunday, but at a much less radical way, they drink wine and or water, of drinking of the blood of Christ. There is more to this, but every Saturday until midnight. I turn off the phone, except for my daily report here, turn off the station, the computer, and sleep, read scripture both traditional, as well as our own, pray, and think. I am in true belief, that the great Kahless brings people together for some greater good. I truly think that Angel was guided here by him, and that the friendship and all has came about that goes or continues to grow deep, much deeper than just being co-workers. Not in a dating or such thing, but to do a task, or cause an event or something beyond my comprehension to occur. I have had prior assistants, and task workers before, but for a situation, nearly mirrored by prior happenings of each other in different settings for two people to unite in a common goal or project as deep as Angel and I have, has to be of a deeper methodology, than just a pay check. I could be wrong.

See you on the air at 03:00 Sunday Morning.

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