Why I send things to folks on FB and why I’d rather not to

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When I write things on here about someone, I try to send them a copy of what I write to the person, so they don’t get some odd surprise . However in many cases I’d rather send it directly to them rather than post it on say FB or on Twitter. However in some instinces like with Angel, I don’t have their real email address, so I post it on a page or in their newsfeed. This can be tragic. Sure it might get a few FB likes, but if its somewhat personal, I’d rather just send it to them in a private email. Oh sure FB has a PM or Private Message, thing. Ever tried to have that fully private? Some idiot in California punches up the wrong button, and every one of your contacts can see it. FakeBook had that happen about a month or so ago, I read it on Kim Komondo’s program.

In today’s realm , nothing, and I mean nothing is fully private. Everything gets posted somewhere. Knytes things that are internal, is in a private account that NOBODY can access, that’s why ya’ll don’t see those posts on say FB , Twitter, or elsewhere.  Now on why I withdrew from doTerra . 

The products that doTerra produces are extremely good, the person that got me into that also sweet and dear to me, but the thing caused a personality disruption between a friend of our Kathleen and another, with some mis guided and bad signals being misread.  Add to that, doTerra products are more directed to and for women. There is a few males selling the products but they are few and far between.  Me selling doTerra would be like any man trying to sell feminine hygene products, there’s just some things that are more gender biased, so I withdrew from that and cancelled out my account. Plus doTerra’s member support system has a lot to be desired. Their computer systems are rather antique, their HQ support people are rather rude when contacted and their main people never do as they say they say they will. Example; when I signed on as a member of doTerra, I contacted their home office, asked if their main people, mainly the founder of it, could come up have a seminar and be on our station. They said sure, we’ll get back to you to complete the arrangements. I’m still waiting on that return phone call after two months. Nope. Then went to an area training thing at Con Palos Chevy one night. Why did I go to that? I heard free food, not much else. Met a few of the so called area big wigs, one I think was wearing a wig. Any mile, two said they’d buy  ad time on the station for and of doTerra, $100.00 a month, something any of them could do, as it wouldn’t hurt their wallets. Guess what their promised return call? Still waiting. doTerra has great products, too bad the people involved are not as good except for one, and she is precious to me as is her family. When I see this kind of thing, I have to ask and at the same time marvel at anyone dishonoring the Knytes. The thing is the Knytes have yet to rip off anyone, same goes with me. If I say I’ll do something unless circumstances over ride, I will make it happen. The Knytes are the same way. We’ve been around for near 40 years, and are still all of us together, except for the ones that have risen to Stovacore. Even those are still with us in spirit. Yet some especially women, follow the path of a company that is taking them down a very dark road. 

I’ll be back later I need to make some soup and eat, my body and mind do need relief.


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