Maybe today will be the day for toes in hose against my lips and nose. Things you want to ask but don’t.

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One of my leading questions in an interview as well as on our ads is simply would you have a fit over someone kissing your toes in nylon hose? That’s hosiery for those in parts of California. At any rate(about 4%) This question is always a must. Reason it takes the concept of we love tows into the merged words of tow and toe, and makes our trade mark. It’s meaning is simple, be it bad or good weather freezing cold or snow, or blistering heat or super bright sunlight when the call arrives we are always wanting to go tow, or how we spell it, toew. The concept dates back to my 4th grade , but extended to the days of Hazzard and sweet Daisy. We did one ad, back in 1982 somewhere that aired with the Dukes on local KMVT here in our area during the shows initial run on network TV. Derived from an ad I saw from KIVI 6 in Boise where a plumber kisses a lady’s hand after unplugging her toilet, there in Boise, I conceived why would not this work in our case? Do a Cinderella smooch on the toes and enhance the concept we love or as we spell that LUV toews. The ad went, a hillbilly gal in an older truck breaks down and uses a CB radio(back then Cell phones were not that wide spreaded use)and calls good old Crazy Cooter-aka me. I respond, the gal does the voice over as I unhook her truck safely back at the farm with her holding a soda can in one hand her legs crossed sitting on the back of LexiBelle and I kiss her toes. Hence we LUV TOEWS. alasweet toews the shot has became a trademark for my company but in 1998 somewhere as we started bringing in new radio programs, legendary radio personality Bill Mack otherwise known as the Midnight Cowboy,{WBAP FTworth Dallas Texas, wrote Blue for a young country girl singer} did some program intros and voice overs for us at the start of KTOW. For the life of us, he just could not get the pronounciation right. He kept sounding it out like KAY COW, rather than Kay-Tow. So I sent a email out that went its KTOW-KAY-TOE(W). After that he got it. Then thinking others might have trouble with sounding out the call letters one of my then interns, said scrunch the letters together and do it toew. Then do promo ads where you kiss her toes aka toews.  This may seem like a no brainer and not need rehearsal, but it does. Getting comfortable with touching someone other than you SO, especially her toes, women are fussy that way, for say the needed 10 or so minutes that a camera person needs to take different angled shots, and create the perfect photo can be a long, sweaty, and yes even stinky process. Which I mandate is always done in nylons of some sort. Reason, you can put perfume or something that smells good in the nylons that makes it where you don’t gag, plus who wants to smooch toes or feet that are hot and stinky) You had better have it together or your spending all damn day doing that. I remember a time when in Utah, the second on TV, Dukes reunion episode/movie was to air. We as both a supporting organization of ALL things Dukes of Hazzard, and I, Cooter’s Toewing  that had adopted that image and name and all wanted to be part of it. After going through about three talent agencies in metro Utah, finally Barbizon, had a person who happened to be the daughter of the guy managing the office of Barbizon there in SLC. So she shows up. Get this its pouring down near snow, so she wears rubber boots, over cotton socks over nylons. Pee-ewe. Second as I breathed, hey had to have air, she would giggle and couldn’t stand or sit still. A roughly an hour or two long operation that we had planned, took; a whole damn day, and cost me $900.00 in production costs plus the cost of revenue loss of my truck. $4,000.00 was shot. Sure over time I made that back off the dern ad, but after that I decided that the next time, there would be trials, or rehearsals  at least a few weeks long, before I scheduled up a session. The only thing that saved that faitful day in Utah was Areborn Express lent us their warehouse for free, and the patience of the production team, but it took 85 takes, because she was not comfortable with me, nor I her. Thus, when it happens this time, its going to be practiced many times before. In 1992 the then Miss Dixie Diesel,  Robin, my then fresh intern; that I say is still the mark to measure this by, came in. I pitched the toew thing to her. Not only did she have her toes in hose against my lips and nose it took about 3 minutes for her to put that into action, even on the first meet and greet, her talk was simply if you can stand the smell give em hell. After that on air or just in production meetings etc, she always had her feet either in front of me within breathing range, or on my lap, made for some great radio. We did all that by the way in a small broom closet at a car shop now a body shop at 610 Oneida in Rupert. It was hot, sweaty, and at times yes again even sweaty. Guess what since we had done that so many times, when it went to production the ad got a Cleo Award the equal to an Oscar in movies for TV ad’s. The success of that ad, generated over $3,million dollars to us at then Cooter’s Kustmz(customs) Of Idaho, where its not customized its Cooter-Ized.  More over Robin earns about $10,million a year working at one of the Disney Channel production units. But hey she started with me, she worked with me and didn’t hold back even once. I was married to Monkee, she was just getting married to a guy named Jeremy, we all got along, he had no trouble with her doing that, Monkee had no trouble with it, and it went like clock work.  Okay enough on that, but hey maybe today will be the day I get toes against my lips and nose with her in nylon hose. Who knows. 

So a bit ago, tried to download a program from Micro-Crap, that would tie both of my computers on my desk together as far as keyboard and mouse. The program installed but could find each other. Guess what I uninstalled about as fast as I installed it. You would think these computer brainiacs would test this stuff out between different Micro-Crap operating systems, like between Windows 7 to Windows 10 etc. Nope. Diddn’t work or as Bro used to say it Fidn’t Dit. See ya’ll on air L8R, but again hey maybe today is the day I get toes in hose against my lips and nose, report it at 18:00 this evening, don’t hold your breath. 


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