the Chickens must come home to roost and sprout.

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For some odd unknown reason Sunday’s seem to be the day everyone unloads on FakeBook. One of the things I see much more of and am delighted to see, is more focus on southern heritage, and legacy. However this subject is more than just one of the 13 original southern states, when in reality there  18 original Southern states or at least Confederate States, the last 4 or so being Arizona, New Mexico, Southern California Southern Utah(Utah’s Dixie-Aka Dixie National Forest) Southern Nevada and yes Idaho. Were amongst Confederate States or at least states in tune with the Southern cause. That said so little has been said, or for that matter taught in our schools. Our children in these parts are drowned in theory of Abe Lincoln being a hard working Country Boy made president. Fact is he was a scoundrel, liar, carpetbagging  tyrant. But few will say that north of the Mason Dixen. Now our Southern folk are swayed too. Don’t think they aint. Fact is in the last election, more of our southern folk were conned into electing a Republican, who kicked the Confederate legacy in the groin, yet few recognized it as such. Likewise Confederates are more Democrat than Republican, goes back to Lincoln who in fact was Republican. Does anybody see a slight jump of the train off the track here? Of course there are those that fully discriminate against those of us with gray blood in our veins. Example, several years ago, 2012 or so to be exact, in amongst the negotiations our organization was having with Kim Lee to out right buy KBAR AM 1230 In Rupert, there was as I read it in the local news rag there, that said there was a northern soldier, decendent who was going to go to those area schools and speak on the war twixed the states. So I opted since no one was speaking up and asked those same schools if I could come and bark about, the true story of that conflict from the view o the confederacy. Zeb Bell had this guy on his program, so I wanted to speak up. My call was aired but quickly shortened. The Idea that anyone would want to speak up about the real story of what really happened in that conflict is next to treason, at least in the view of what we call Yankee’s. More over, people often say that the Mountain west is more strict and practice religion much closer than any where in our nation. Do you even realize that the very symbol our Confederate battle flag is nothing more than the cross of Saint Andrew the first Apos of God? s-l300  jz558d8004Might I remind many that they don’t call the south the bible belt of America for nothing. There are more true Christians with bibles in their homes, than anywhere else in America that includes the Mountain West, and a closer walk with Kahless(God) than even the Mormons could ever consider.  However there is room to view our population on a more open focus in the south than here in the west. But I regress here. The fact is there needs to be full education on the legacy of the Confederacy than is currently being allowed . In the 2007/2008 election there was a movement to establish a political party called The Confederate National Party, or CNP, for short(Okie Dokie) Of two Western States that signed albeit quietly and even nearly won a Sheriff’s election on the CNP, the party was however signed into law, and is a political party that a candidate could run on. Even be elected on. However except for us and our radio network, little if anything is spoken about it on public media. It was only in fact that just last week, that even Mark Zuckerburg founder/ceo of Facebook, stated and placed on his company’s HQ building campus yes a Confederate Flag.  Face it, America is tired of the Republicrats controlling the destiny of this nation. People are leaning towards a new view of what founding fathers (it is Fathers Day after all) had in mind for this nation. The only folks that are seeing anything smart for this nation are us Confederates. And of course the CNP. I saw a poll taken online this afternoon about if Trump runs in 2020, would people re-elect him more often I saw a no , but hell no answer. Hey here’s an idea, lets get a candidate up for the job in the big White House on Penn Avenue in DC elected on the back or platform of the Confederate National Party. Our President of our organization Steve Stonewall says its possible but we need to recruit, train if needed, and fund a full bore campaign to make that happen. We have that ability, now is a great time to get this message in front of voters and the public. We need to get a voice on such places as FoX News, CNN, etc HazardAyre/Maximum Overdrive Media is fully behind this effort, but its going to take zillions of dollars to mount this effort. The Knytes-of-Dixie are starting the sounds of the trumpets, are you willing to at least listen? Are you willing to stretch forth your hands and extend out of your wallets in support of the cause?  Our youth need to be taught.

Let me give you a quick example here. As much as I dearly love our new AngelWolf, I played as I do at the introductory of our shows on our network the Dixie National Anthem. Do you realize ? She had never heard the Dixie National Anthem. Now let me say this for old Abe, do you realize that he ordered at the end of that great conflict that the Dixie National Anthem be played? The first 12 notes of the Anthem is the tune that the horn on the General Lee Dodge Charger of the Dukes-of-Hazzard plays? On the flip of that our AngelWolf had never seen the Dukes? I kid you not. It’s not just her, all too many of those rising up in our nation have no idea of our Confederate ancestry or legacy. It needs to be taught. America needs the Knytes, it needs the CNP, it surely needs the blessings of Dixie, because God(Kahless) did very much bless Dixie.




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