The Eye’s of Stovacore are upon you, then there is reality

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I want ya’ll to look upon this photo, 34887479_2008639729452644_7990443675299610624_n really careful, because 15,000 plus people have already. I put this up on one of LowRider Magazines fan pages on FB, the other day in response to a question of show us what looks hot to you, meaning us readers. So I put up this photo of Angel, saying this is hotter than anyone I have seen in LowRider. Guess what 15,000 plus readers agree, and I got this phone call, from LowRiders editors saying they want to do a feature of our Angel, in that robe, with a ground dragger. Having eyes upon you in this business is both a blessing and a curse. On one side you can get good looks and thumbs up and recognition from peers and all, by the same thing you can get snyde and viscious comments like I got all afternoon and into early last morning from so called loved ones just watching out for the safety and or something. Don’t anyone realize the both of us are smart and grown up enough to watch out for ourselves? Granted there’s roughly a decade or so between Angel and I, and I have seen and experienced more things in more places than Angel will ever have seen before. That said, of many younglings that I have met, she’s smarter and more mature than some 3 times her age. 

Then I got this simple inquiry, from a gal I had under my command from a few years ago. Who asked, does she, dip her toe in honey and let you nibble on it like I used to? Before ya’ll go off on this get the low down here. Famous NASCAR driver Richard Petty when he ran races, and won most if not all he entered, would always have a moist washcloth or towel in his mouth. Both to keep him hydrated and to keep him calm under pressure . A few years ago I had a rather open minded intern who saw the interest in footsies that I have, and decided that she’d run an experiment. She would soak her hosiery in hot water, usually just a knee high, but she’d do that, get her smells and all in them, then put em on. If I became agitated or frustrated she’d have a small baby food jar handy and honey or maple syrup in it, of which she’d dip her toe in it, and I’d suck on it, like King Richard Petty did. The concept worked. Sure my SKOAL etc helped but that helped even more. And this gig we do? Is just as much a contest and as trecherous as any NASCAR race. There are thousands of webcasts, and as it is there are only three radio stations over the air still based in the Tragic Valley here. We are one of them. The rest outside of sales offices, moved to Boise, Pocatello, where college  students are there as numerous as ants on a pile of candy hungry to be interns. Interns make little to no money. Our Angel is lucky she is but only a few that get paid to learn, most have to work at least a half to a full year to start getting on the payroll. Few of those stations have to go through what we have, some things are done to see if the candidate has the moxy to handle our kind of radio and media. As we are always and will forever be full on, fight the system, anti-establishment, real Rebel radio. We don’t fit a particular mold or genere we are us. Some can handle it most fade into obscurity, but that rebel spirit is why we are still on air and operational 45 years now. Must be doing something right eh? And that’s the reality to it. We have won awards, been nominated for others. We have created the radical radio concept, and programming that although very seldom get credit for , such as when we started doing blogs to support our online radio gig, people like area counterpart if there is one, but Zeb Bell started doing a blog. When we started doing Live, flag to flag coverage of NASCAR on area radio, only one other tried it. When we started doing sports talk radio shows at area college style cafe’s to chat with coaches, on local sports teams, others followed. Few did or do what we do. Back in 1993 when we first started doing a lady/guy teamed overnight gig, for otr truckers, ITRN followed, soon after we bought them, but suffice to say we seem to do it better than most and we do it our way, which others taylor to their formats. Then came Stern and his lady side kick Robin, funny mines name was Robin too. We did it first. Even local and my main mentor Big Kelly over at KEZJ, which the country music format there was MY idea, when Dave Capps was GM there, when I interned there, yes work with no pay, but I learned a lot there. But Big Kelly , now does his early morning show on KLIX, there with, yep a lady co-anchor/host. Back in 2013 when we upgraded both AyreWolf FM and Dixie Diesel Radio into HazzardAyre, I got lucky. I got a corner office at a place in the middle of Woods Cross Utah. The same building that I4 Solutions, is in. Those folks at I4, are major league website builders and maintainers, in essence a huge server and IT department. We enjoyed that. We were in a third story, fully glassed , executive suite office with all the trimmings. If I could have found a better place to reside at the time near there that I could afford we’d still be there, but other folks who were there did not enjoy the fact that not only did we work there, but I for a short time had to cap there. Had I been lucky enough to have found a place to reside, in that area, Evanston would have never happened, and most of you who know the show, know he rest of that story. What I try as best as I can is to expose the people under my command to every part of the media branch of us here at HazzardAyre/Maximum Overdrive Media.  from on air, to writing and producing radio copy and content, to immediate need IT. that’s computer skills. As best as I know them, and that is very low. After all if we are in a set aside studio, its overnight weekends and something in they system goes sour I want who ever is on air, to be able to figure a work around or immediate bandaide repair.  It’s not just about sticking stinky feet in my face, or talking smut on air, there’s much that goes into this station and its network that covers the nation through both syndication, and soon worldwide on XM Satellite., from political talk from the Rebel/Confederate view point, to talking NASCAR over the weekend. We are attempting to do what few radio stations in this area have done. Or does. Go live for 24/7 365. And be LIVE all the time. We are not there yet Angel is but one, we are training, I need at least 3 other ladies, Southern belle’s would be nice, to sit in with other members of our MC and do off the wall rebel style radio. This takes time. I am also attempting to train our new AngelWolf to be able to recruit, and train the other rebel honeys that we hire. This does not happen overnight. Yes we had better luck in fishing the talent pond in metro Utah, yes we had more on air there. In the heart of Mormon restricted Utah, we still had better candidates show up for interviews. For visual talent it was a quick call to McCarty’s or TMG in Salt Lake City, I’d go over audition as many as I could, that were pre screened before I got there and in a week or two’s time had what we needed , here we are not as fortunate. Rural Idaho has of a few beauty contest things, usually a rodeo queen contest, a Miss Idaho contest, and little more than that. Yes we might be Wolvez, but Little Red Ridding Hood is safe here. Currently prepping the show for our overnight, join us at and on our local affiliated stations throughout the Mountain West. Stay tuned.

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