You ask Why I really am into our new Angel, here’s one of several Reasons.

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Today at lunch working the negotiations on the new facility in Twin Falls, one of the other guys again some how assumed Angel and I must be into each other, or something. First there is no frigging way that could happen I’m as good as married to my PoohBear, but even if PoohBear wasn’t a factor, Angel is at best a decade or two my junior. She has not seen or has much of a clue of life in the 1970’s, or 1980’s. Third, its just not possible. So why am I really digging Angel so much? Here’s an example or two. One gal named Misty bothers my FB page’s inbox wanting to be a cover girl, but soon does not confirm a meet and greet meeting. One down, then another named Paige, has it to where she was to be here today at 15:00 hours. Again a reschedule. Time lost , money wasted on my end. With Angel, she confirmed the meet and greet , showed up , was intelligent and quick to understand the circumstances under what she would be doing. While she never has been on radio as far as a on air anchor, she said she’d try, she came, did, and succeeded. Bottom line with Angel, she did what she said she would do, told everyone around her to go f themselves if they didn’t like it. Has been to EVERY business meeting and field trip , had no reservations of climbing in my ride with me to go scout property’s or do business. That is why Angel is dear to me. She simply gets things done. I think Angel has people around her that are very envious and jealous. Simply that Angel, gets off her butt to get on her feet, goes after her dreams, is willing to take a risk, and isn’t home eating candy, watching TV all day and getting tubby. Siphoning off the Government or state. It’s called AMBITION, to me its also dedication. Too bad too many don’t take Angel’s lead and watch what happens when some wants to get there.

So get home, all is sorta okay, but something is messing with Angel’s tummy oops, then drama in the neighborhood meant Work day is done, Angel went home. 

So then get a nasty email from some legal outfit supposedly representing CenturyLink. Really? Wants a bit of our equipment returned. Except what they want returned the tech already returned or at least took with him. How can one return what ya’ll didn’t have? So I called CenturyLink’s billing center, no disconnect etc in view, payment went out an hour ago all is fine. Again friends Welcome to CenturyLink. Still reminds me of a monkey screwing a football, in a cage in a zoo.

In closing, Why am I in thrills ville with Angel as a new hire, because she does what she says she’ll do, is not stuck up, has no hidden agenda, and can put up with me and the club. Too bad others don’t see it that way. Taking a nap now see you overnight on the air. And no it wasn’t my day today to get toes in hose in nylon hose against my lips and nose. Perhaps Tuesday.

Stay tuned!!


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