The Decade that was lost needs to be revived. And soon.

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Over the last week or so exploring the intellectual side of our new Angel here, and the decade that seperates us, I began to realize there is one helluva lot of history and culture that our youth has missed. All but a very few know who Pink Floyd is, few know the difference between the british band the WHO and the Guess Who, later to reform as BTO or Bachman Turner Overdrive(notice the Overdrive part, ) few remember the Monkees, Niel Diamond, the Grass Roots, Eric Clapton who would reemerge with a band called the Rasberries, then of course 69 cent fuel meant big Detroit iron engines and muscle rides. From the 59 Lincoln Futura that would be transformed by Barris into the Batmobile, and the stars from TV sitcoms, some made it into the book of well preserved, many lady actors didn’t. Our Angel will always be beautiful , here’s a fast trip down memory lane;






80s-Then-and-Now-Catherine-Bach 1f9570b7772267e1bbf524dcd8047586

rat-fink-66-batmobile-custom I was going to do up a show overnight but the body is not linking to my biological CPU, so I’m going to bed. But my ain’t it a shame what our youth have missed. The old needs to be renewed.

Stay Tuned!! Okie Dokie?

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