What ever happened to the romance on the radio?

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What ever happened to the romantic smoozing music on the radio? Did the times of seasons, or just plain new era beliefs of our young destroy the real cuddle soft purring of two with great soft ballads. Smooth Jazz, and other Motown music. Who in my era would ever consider being snuggly without the crooning of Barry White? When the lights go down, the fire is lit in the hearth red wine, and grooving on Maurice White an Earth Wind and Fire, that being what it is, today, it seems that physical needs over ride the emotional and soulful feelings. Why is that? Where did our connection to old style, host on air LIVE radio, setting the mood and keeping it flowing like honey? This is something we will be rather I’ll be chatting about on, tonights show. Peggy came over all the way from American Falls today for a meet and greet. Yet Paige didn’t. To Peggy I say very well could be, to Paige I say, just another tire kicker, and nothing more. Must be we were not LDS enough for you. Door closed. Goes back to the feelings I have for Angel, she’s here, does her job, goes home, and does and says what she’ll do. Why the male idiots around here have not seen what a gem Angel truly is. Any mile, tune in and I’m for sure on air tonight over night.

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