It’s been a weak and some important information for our new recruits.

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It has been although just started, but it feels like an entire week is gone. I am more than thrilled with Angel our new main poster gal and on air talent, who has escalated from just being a raw recruit, poster/cover girl, into an administrative director here.  Then there is Peggy that we interviewed today. If she passes muster we’ll be on the road with a full on air and on eye candy crew. The one thing that I try to instill in all that enter our SAMCRO/KNYTES-OF-Dixie organization is that once you do enter, your in the eye of everyone. Everything you do, where you go , how you act, is reflective on the Club. From where you go on dates, the women or guys you mess with, girls women or guys, All external people have to be seen and met. Being involved in any way with the Knytes is a serious concept. We value loyalty, value, honesty. Even though what we do inside the walls of the Lair stays in the Lair, however once you leave and are wearing colors, or just branded, While we as best as I know have never broken the law. That said some of what we do, might be seen that way and is a thin line between legal and not so much legal. Thus we maintain an ultra measure of stealth in all we do. In short working for or being a member of the Knytes is a serious concern.  You who ever you are, represent the Club everywhere. Thus anything that would dishonor or injure our reputation is dealt with harshly. 

Okay then. With all that out of the way, been trying to work programs that will make it to where I can use a single mouse and a single keyboard on two computers, but not having much luck. Its hard to get Windows 7 perfriels to talk and get along well with Windows ten(10) and vice versa. I know there’s a way to do  Kinda like putting two different people together I think. Even though there’s much in common there’s going to be disagreements. Plus I’m really having glucose problems. I know my sugar level is fluctuating but no meds, and no food all day makes me dizzy as hell, and can’t navigate. Se ya’ll on air in three hours on 

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samcro angel

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