Lost Love and where to find it.


Have you ever seen someone seeking a personal relationship that seems out of reach, and yet you certainly know that what that person is trying to find, and yearns for is so much closer than she or he can see. Like I do in the shop sometimes, sometimes the tool or part that I need is just under my nose, but I can’t locate it so I buy a new one, finally realizing what I was looking for was right there in front of. it’s sad to see that a person so close to you is hurting so much inside that you can’t really hide the need to just try to reach out, yet because of some idiotic protocol, or the fact that the need of the person your reaching out to is bleeding, yet you and your brotherly attempts to help is pushed away. Just some of what we’ll be ratchet jawing about on :motr logo¬†starting in 3 hours.

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