Lets now explore the need for the Hazzard County Gazzette, at least here in Western Idaho.

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When I was just a young wolf-Pup growing up in these here parts and finding my way through the tween and teen years, there were independent newspapers all over this area. The Gooding County Leader was one and is responsible at least in part for helping to launch our organization, from the TeenAge Truckers Association which is still operational as thee only 4-H truck transportation Club in America. Borne long before there every was a Trucker Buddy program. Escalating to where we are now here in the Iron Knytes Association including the Hazzard County Knytes Kustmz Association. There was the Jerome County News, Shoshone had a community newspaper as well as the mini cassia area including Burley, Paul, Rupert, and Heyburn, which in my opinion has the best USPS office in the region. Then came in the Times News, which was a valley wide newspaper, but hungry for blood. They bought more like swallowed up every independent newspaper around, including Farm Times News, which is where Miss Dixie Diesel of 1993 found us from. Sadly that independent news voice was overshadowed by the mean and never following up or investigating a single Knytes story as well as news with a not so liberal view. In 1997 I discovered a small little want ad tabloid that was published out of Gooding. Not wanting anything more the owner there and I struck up a partnership, as long as I advertised as it was then; Dixie Toewing of Idaho, she’d let me write features. Then I got the grim news she was shutting down, apparently she got the shaft from Rick Strickland and Strickland Real Estate, he rose her rent too high. Well the end result, was she sold most of the software and all to us. Not wanting to stick with her publication called ; Monkey Bizzness, we re-titled it as the Hazzard County Gazzette. The Hazzard County Gazzette was the preamble to HazzardAyre Radio, and no one is looking back. Thing is we want to bring back a published on paper in print publication with real news, and a more rebel observation of community happenings.  Here’s an example of some fly overs by local news rags around here. One would think that such publications as the North Side News, and even the big mama the Times News would really get off their butts out here to Wendell and do a story of the only 24 hour  online radio station in the area. Nope. Can’t even get anyone to give us coverage. Next last week we had the Dairy Days thing here. From what I have heard it was dismal to say the least. Did the Wendell chamber of Commerce even extend an offer to do a paid ad on the only online radio station in the area? Nope. We could have drawn in tons of visitors to the event. Next some lady running for public office, and a few running for state wide offices such as governor, have they extended a arm? Nope. Why because if you don’t know of us and our online radio station, how would you find us, much less listen to us? Now just imagine going to your mailbox and picking out of it the Hazzard County Gazzette, more over going to your local quick stops and food stores all over the valley and picking up a copy? Even subscribing at only $12.00 a year. That’s right well below the near $2.00 a copy for the Times News. And BOOM right there is an ad for us on HazzardAyre and Maximum Overdrive Radio. More over, Giving ya’ll a southern conservative view of the news around you. Such as; what did so and so say at the grocery store of a happening that no other news outlet covered?  Just a few months ago, a lady that worked at the Dollar Store here lost her dog. NO ONE other than HazzardAyre Radio covered it, we put the word out, the little puppy was found and all is well. Granted its not like the tragic stabbing that happened a year ago here in Wendell that other local and even regional TV news crews decended on, but hey why not cover the home town going’s on. Both the Hazzard County Gazzette and HazzardAyre Radio especially KTOW, can do that. But we are in a bit of a pinch. The Federal Government somehow screwed the pooch on my old lady’s money which shortened my income. Which made it to where my part of funding for things of and about our organization couldn’t be done, rather paid for. The Iron Knytes Association matches what I put in, plus expenses for payroll etc. Operational money is paid equal to what I can fund. If I can’t fund it, the organization wont fund it. Plus without any input, more over income or return on our investment by the area community the organization says, why even be there. But I believe in the good hearts and all that is still here. The Iron Knytes/Hazzard County Knytes wants to see the revival of this valley back to being the Magic Valley rather than the Tragic Valley that it has become.  For one of the few times in our organizations history we are reaching out and asking for donations to keep our enterprises including HazzardAyre Radio, KTOW, and the Hazzard County Gazzette running. Wont you please help, even a mere $50.00 or $100.00 from 20 people would fund our operation for a month.  Then the other day noticed that FakeBook billed me twice for a total of nearly $780.00 Really? What the heck for. The only good thing that happened  was getting Angel. As much as our organization has given to this valley its time for ya’ll to give back, to donate: send whatever you can to Iron Knytes association 247 3rd Avenue West Wendell Idaho 83355. 

Thank you and ya’ll have a good day.

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