Save our Network, so we can help Save Lives.


Every day, I have many people ask me why I go broke or dern near it doing our radio gig? Simple there are issues and concerns that are seldom if ever addressed on modern media such as TV, or even on a billboard. To get eyes some impact to bring their attention to things, I scour the landscape for sweet cheeks with very small beaks to get in front of many to get them to give their attention to things they never address or should. 

In all states of our union there are slow down move over laws. This means when you see a public safety{Police Officer}, public worker such as in a construction zone, or a first responder working on the side of a highway or just a country road. Slow Down and safely move over. This includes but not limited to us in the towing trade. Every week I read from all across this nation about  another one of our towing brethren or sisters getting killed , injured or hurt. This has got to stop. The mission of the Iron Knytes Association our parent organization is to be the nationwide authority to towing and towing industry news, information and to be the voice of our industry in state capitols to get new legislation written and made law. We feel that the misdemeanor violations of not slowing down and moving over and even when it causes a death to one of our towing brethren is too lax. The move over laws just do not have any real teeth. Not slowing down and moving over and especially if it mames or kills, should be a felony. Even once. Our radio station and its network was established to be and do that is to be at its core, the voice of the towing industry, hence the call letter K T O W. As in KAY-TOW(e). Everything we do here has this as our foundation. We urge you all of you contribute to our radio network, more over, please when you see a tow truck operator on the side of the road working a wreck or rescuing a motorist, please slow down, move over. A simple contribution of $100.00 that is tax deductable can be made to: Iron Knytes Association. And sent to: 247 3rd West Wendell Idaho 83355. Keep us on the air so we can continue to be your(our) voice of the towing industry.


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