Telepathic Sex a myth or could it really happen?

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Biblical theory and doctrine says if you have pre marital sex with any woman your in essence committing fornication. With that said it also encourages the formation of harems, that in my mind could be even worse, and if Kahless didn’t want us to choke the chicken once in awhile, he’d have made our arms shorter. 

Star Trek legacy in both TOS and NG shows that one can transmit by the mind and thought certain desires that are then received for good or bad by the intended SO. In my thoughts, it usually goes that if I imagine relations with a chosen person, 3 or more times if they don’t disappear, or leave it usually means they are around the Lair to stay. If they do leave even if in a day or two it means the reception of thought input was rejected and thus not welcomed as such they go adios. Not going past that in any way just bringing it up as an example. With that said, Star Trek I think opened minds to ideas and concepts that have not ever been explored. Or were not explored before. Even new TV series’ have leaned on the Star Trek, cannon quite a bit, example the Big Bang Theory.  In my youth at about the same time, I started discovering myself, although the input information was never quite accurate , yet Started watching Star Trek Original Series. That was followed by of course Batman. First Batman had the Bat mobile, which I wanted to own and drive so bad it hurt,., got to in years later courtesy of Barris, (another story for another time). What got me frisky from Batman was of course was Yovann Craig aka Bat-Girl. I got a Bat-Girl doll for Christmas, hey my parents were always encouraging me. This>rPBRAnz who became20705622285_c807edee73_b Always loved those little boots she wore; hey it was better than any other image I could construct in my mind, including Barbie Dolls. At the time and I will say she was my image all the way through puberty. Of course Star Trek Next Generation had Deanna TroyStar Trek: The Next Generation the infamouse Ships mental Doctor. Who as was portrayed was Betazoid, who could read thoughts and feelings from a distance. Which asks the question, can these messages really be transmitted? I have learned that mothers can transmit these messages to their children, and received them from their children?. I have understood that certain couples can do this as well. Example; Robin Miss Dixie Diesel 1993. When she hired on, I could be home all cozy in bed with Monkee, yet I could imagine ideas for our radio shows even then, and think their way to Robin. There would be an instant response through the clouds as she’d either call me, or I’d call her. I think in the formative years of that Robin and I spent more time with each other than with our spouses. Back then we’d do the show from 6pm to about midnight put the entire thing on VCR tape, at least the audio, set the VCR to come on at 12:30 AM(00:30) and turn off at 07:00 (7:00AM) the next morning when the morning crew would come in. Usually my Step son Mike and who ever was hanging onto him at the time.  Then there are inanimated objects. Like my heart and soul LexiBelle, if something bad is happening to her I can just about feel it. The night and even a week before she got violated, in Evanston. I felt it. I wanted to venture down there, in fact had money set aside for such, yet because of that mess with that doTerra associate, of Kathleens, no money couldn’t go down. One of my goals here pretty soon is to get someone with a stiff enough trailer and or truck to go down and fetch the old girl and bring her back out here. So I can get her in proper condition. Before it wasn’t such a big thing, but the idiot that violated her burned out the clutch , seriously damaged the steering column, and damaged a ton of wiring,. All are not big things, but need my attention since I’m about the only one that knows where everything goes. Only reason she was left down there is she needed a secondary fuel tank replumbed  After a day like today I’m holding off airing the show until 04:00 Thursday Morning, but I want your input, and you truly have telepathic sex with another person, if so what are the results? 

And no I’m not refering in any way to either PoohBear or Angel, there is from my youth that I hooked up with in second grade and you might say finished with her in 7th grade. That if I talk to her via phone or Internet get’s me this frisky. Angel is not the only one with visions of someone that is too distant to obtain.

Stay Tuned, see ya’ll on air at 04:00 on: 

custom combo sig1 rebel gal And as was said in one episode that I retain from mental health expert Froyd, A cake is just a cake. 


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