And this is why it makes anything Idaho right now a hard sell to High Council leaders.

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This what makes anything Idaho a hard sell to any of our organization’s High Council members. Granted not everyone can have the drive and ambition, as our angel, nor the tenacity of our Marine Corps backgrounds, but excuses don’t cut it. Just at a thresh hold of approaching our High Council, for funding for the new place in Twin Falls Idaho, one of our leading recruits decides to bow out due to a sore throat. Okay not feeling well, MY Drill officer would just say suck it up Marine and get out on that PT ground. Now I also understand we are dealing with women, who are traditionally unpredictable, and that all are not going to stick to things like we hope for. Right now Peggy has two none shows Two shows so its a tie. But it makes it very difficult to ask for major funds to revamp a facility when all you have is two maybe three people working at a location. More over lets say that We had, had a photo or video shoot set for today at 18:00. Videographers charge anywhere between $375.00 to $800.00 per hour to bring a crew, plus I have to feed and house them for 48 hours. They show for a video shoot, but the talent has a sore throat.  Darn it. The thing means the Club is out big money project gets delayed and that costs both me and the Club money. The one new recruit not showing to do radio just because of a sore throat is no excuse. Wouldn’t have hurt her just to watch, Angel and I doing what we do. Two and a half weeks I gotta pitch the idea to have the Knytes rake out some serious cash for a facility in Twin Falls. If there’s only two of us working here, why do we need it? Why not keep what we got? Get our Gig a bit further advanced then if there are any who want to get aboard our train fine, if not work the KISS(keep,It,Simple,Stupid) Rule, keep the main place in Twin in mind, but not put all our plans in that one basket, might be worth looking at other location options. This is why I kiss the behind of Angel so much, she shows up , no questions asked, we get things done, and does not ask for any or much time off. Sure she had morning sickness the other day, but hey it happens. Hey I get hangovers on a regular basis too, however both Angel and I know that there are people that at current control the purse strings in power over us, two that micro manage this sub charter of the Knytes.  Those Council members would just asoon see this sub charter split up, and me moved to metro Utah. Too much going out, not enough coming in outside of Angel its way too much, way too late. I’m trying my butt off to save this sub-Charter, but I’m tuning a big V-8 without any tools so to speak. People ask why are we always broke? Because we keep spending our resources on people and projects, that outside of the community of the highway, nobody in these stuck up little towns give a shit about and thus can’t budget or bust a move to even shell out a $100.00 . But hey they make all kinds of promises to do so. Guess we are not Mormon or something enough.

On the air at 18:20 with Angel. 

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