We’ll call this uphoria at first sniff. No toes in hose next to my lips and nose yet, predict that this evening sometime.

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If nothing demonstrated the loyalty and dedication of my administrative Director here at HazzardAyre Radio, yesterday was a real eye opener. While she was about to send her laptop flying due to some serious software malfunctions, she stayed at her duties . Even with the pending financial doomsday happenings around here. Angel is dedicated to not only aid this gig, but her tenacity demonstrates that beyond any doubt. Even with that said, my mind if truth be told is not always on operations here its on her. Example, her and Peggy our new recruit, left some stockings here for decoration for the studio. Two women wore two different pairs. Of course Angel’s smells like a sweet breeze, while Peggy’s isn’t bad I can pick out Angel’s right away. Its like a moth to a flame, and if circumstances were different I’d be on that like a bee on a rose. While I’m also realistic and know that in a gazzilion years she’d not fall for this old Iron Horse Cowboy,  and the fact I have PoohBear, means that ain’t going to rise any time soon, still one hiccup, in different directions, and there might a dark haired young lady here more than just working, know that for sure. If you listen to the overnight haul you’ll figure it out. I just have never found anyone like her. She’s here on time does her work, but more over provides the energy, call it synergy that I need to perk up and do this gig, even when the financial heavies are getting even heavier on my shoulders. Angel is scurrying up folks to advertise on the network, and organization along with Peggy more honeys to get in front a camera as well as in the radio studio. Needless to say, but I will anyway, there was such aromas of sensious perfume here yesterday that even the critters including the Doves outside flying around with stiffy’s. Well I’m off to bed, daylight hits early and I need to be awake TTYYLY

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