Ever seen 3 women fussing ? It’s kind of entertaining, and Commander DickHead made a few entries this last few days.

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So it’s Friday. I was under the impression from the week that today was Thursday, must have lost a day somewhere. At any rate(4%) an entire day was lost. See Angel could have been here all afternoon prepping for a show, then go on air. I loved the whole day off air since I could catch some needed rest. So we waited for some gal from American Falls, who was supposed to be here at 18:00 to do a show or sit in on one with Angel and I , BTW Angel has a new title, MidNight MizzTress

mm which is directly from our roots as an aviation club, mm2 That in itself is heavy duty spooky, HA comes from a bomber squadron we were derived out of a fighter squadron. We are more alike with Club 81 than many would admit.  Any flyte, so waited all day for the gal from American Falls. Wasted a full day, which Angel was not too cheery about. With minds dragging caught some pop ups on FB. Our original choice for Miss Samcro, enters the picture. Even in her IHOP uniform she looks good, but remember that too cost the AC as well as the MC serious cash. Quite honestly if Chandra hadn’t left us at the Church so to speak, I might already be in Boise, doing this gig. As of tonight and I’m making this request to Chandra, as well as making it a mandate, there now be an interview fee applied to all new hires. That means when you come to a meet and greet you will now be required to pay the Club, a fee of $100.00 . No fee ? Then don’t even bother showing up. I’m tired of loosing money waiting and wasting my time on floosy’s that have no brain or little brain above their shoulders and think they can just give me a sniff, and get hired. Thankfully I got this little dynamo in Angel taking care of business, more importantly me. It was fun, to watch Angel though, she saw Chandra and it was like watching two felines. Angel’s back went up. However here’s the thing , all these no shows, and all if I had my choice, between Chandra and that gal from American Falls, I’d take Chandra any day. Chandra is just trying to get everything in her world squared around after a year or so in the big house, so I’m patient there. Never did fully fire her either. With that said I belong to three women, period. LexiBelle-0616071536, PoohBear35645527_246225439265036_8096436935519633408_n, and Angel-mm. Beyond that; everyone else and all else are replaceable . Don’t show for a education session, your out. That damn simple. But it is fun to watch. Which is one of those things that its flattering as hell, and the fact that an old combat fighter pilot, gets this much attention. So then noticed although he has changed it 5 times  our Nemises, Elmer G Dickhead that tried to fight us in ETown, has been trying to bark at us through our site. However dig this, I get a notice, and everytime I delete him. Some people just don’t get it. If you don’t want to get bit, don’t poke at the Wolf, in this case the Wolvez. 

See ya’ll on the air on; http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf at 03:00 hours. The reason for the delay, outside of the no show from American Falls, that according to the guru’s in Utah at Wolf Command, cost us $500.00 which guess whose wallet that get’s taken from? The other reason, we air early in the morning, is that even though  I’m paying through my eye lids for a symetrical IP connection, still the pipeline is just so big. When everyone is home, over the weekend the traffic is slow, bandwidth low, and thus that means we can’t air. So a delay. True we are working on a thing in Twin Falls, but what they want to get us in there, is a bit to high givin the fact that to date we haven’t even made 1% of what it’ll take to get in there. Which means need to nose around for albeit a pro place, but a bit less expensive. 

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