2 week female overload at the Lair, must have been PMS’ing Sorry guys.

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Sorry guys and associates for the last few days of getting all mo on ya’ll and getting a bit emotional. Lack of lady companionship and having an overload of female in here , inside the lair that seldom has any will do that. According to some of our crew and one expert on the matter, I as another is and one that’s about to, I was cycling and as such got a bit mushy. But took two Midols, two Goody’s, and 1 Lithium, and should be good for another few weeks. Seems as though between that No Show gal from AM-Falls, and our new sweetheart in the domicile, my feelings got rearranged in such a way loyaties, and all were going bazzerk. As such I was being swayed and misplaced. But I’m okay now. Took the day out today and am just resting until early Morning Monday. I need the mind unwind. My heart and all is with PoohBear, and as such it will remain. Angel is still in charge of the office and head visual talent, am working to recruit, Chandra and one other to be production control and advancement. We just need someone to sell ads, we pay a 20% commission on every $100.00 of ads they sell. Not a bad wage. Figured out that the place in Twin Falls we were looking at is just way to expensive. It wouldn’t be if the going in prices were not so high, but $3,000.00 just to get in the door is a bit too high of an admission fee, don’t yall think, especially for a facility that’s going to need our redoux just to make it workable. so we’re looking around, both in and near Twin Falls as well as Burley and yes Boise. As for the next month we are still here in Wendell. Although I had, money in the kitty, to get out of here the big ad money I got charged that rendered only one good result, only Angel, that $800.00 makes it to where I’m completely broke. Club is not advancing money until August 1st except for Angel’s wages, everyone else is SOOL(shit-out-of-luck) for a month. Hope PoohBear does her part, money wise this month or else her and I will be done, and me homeless , but outta here, elsewhere. For a month. Am going to try and fix that if I can, since my phone will be off. The promises of in two weeks grew weak on those that advance such services. PoohBear’s noises from those forces around her was we’ll get you money in two weeks. I knew if it was SSI, that there would be no money until the next month.  Meaning July. Even then I have yet to see SSA, put in what they forgot the previous month. But the $600.00 she usually sends will get me outta here. That’s all I can do, just hope we have a place for the radio place to save Angel’s job. Stay tuned

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