As I close and get ready to end another day, I began to think how much better off us males would be if we no longer had the need to breed. Let’s legalize state run brothels for those of us with little or no choice in Idaho.

cropped-surface-cover-4-spreaker11.jpgAt the End of another Day

As I was sitting outside watching the bats fly through the air, and watching a grand sunset I got to thinking over so much of my history, and concluded, much of my problems have at least one source in common, the need to breed. Hell from age 4 as I was finding out about the differences in boys and girls with Jolene Hatch, of Utah all the way through early puberty , asking the question of why did a girl try to put her tongue in my mouth, to the first sniffs of nylon toes. It all had its core at the kindness of my heart and the need to feel a vagina slide over Herman. Sorry girls it don’t take much I’m sad to say I’m an 8 pump chump. At least I used to be, any more and as long as its been, heck it might only even take 3 pumps. The only gal that I ever got off inside more than once was a gal in Layton Utah back in 1995 named Debbie, who was so tight when I pulled out and that was after she let me pull out that sounded like pulling the cork out of a wine bottle. Even then that was one of those times I think , damn you dummy why didn’t you stick with that one? I thought of that afternoon in 1986 sitting on the bridge waiting for traffic in Boise, thinking should I just go to Burn’s Brothers here and have my birthday breakfast or take a quick trip to see reletives, that haven’t spoke to me since Mom’s funeral in 1983, and reason being not none of them got anything in their bank account from Mom’s Mega million dollar estate.  Some folks used to kid me about showing off those millions, until I realized that it was only that that attracted many to me. It was at the end of Monkee and I’s situation, that I realized that, and have such, lived at least on the surface as poor looking as a mouse. But my if we didn’t have the need to mate and breed. I thought , the Montgomery Trust at least the liquid money part would still be intact, as I’d have never went down to Pocatello, met Suzi, got laid had a child, and at that point my life took a serious shit.  That year I could have returned to Boise, did my avionics studies at Boise State, got my degree, in engineering, and been a whole heap amount better off than I am today. So I started thinking too, what if I were to completely sold off all this radio stuff of mine, got me a small shop and place to live in or near Emmett, or that area close to Boise, moved my ass up there and fully swore off women of any kind. for the rest of my blooming life? And why Boise? Because of the many attributes, Boise has although not legal, has wives for the night and sometimes for the entire weekend. Go pay as we do anyway for our lives, but pay just for a few hours of pleasure, harden my heart against any kind of attachment what so ever with or with a woman, lived alone, and just said to hell with em? All they do is cause heartache, pain, and drain more than the main vein, but drain your wallet. Which brings me to this idea. Why not license brothels in Idaho? I mean all over Idaho? Tax the sin, this would give us male corpuscles the ability to get our physical carnal needs met, provide jobs that paid well for women whose elevator don’t make the top floor, add to that needed tax dollars for roads, bridges, highways, schools infrastructure improvements. Plus relieve the frustration that leads many men to commit abuse or worse. With a brothel a guy goes in , commits the sin, pays up front a few hundred bucks, gets it done and leaves with a happy ending, and a grand memory. Maybe even a well scented pair of nylons or such. Yet no attachment, no STD’s, and no former or even present boyfriends, husbands brothers or fathers knocking at your door at 3AM saying what did you do to my wife, sister etc? Can I have an Amen to that my fellow aviators? 

Now in closing, you might be wondering about bringing back in Highway Hooker Toewing. Simply this, while SAMCRO TOEW and all is still all operating, SAMCRO is  derived from a TV show, likewise is a ton of titles we operate under, except for one that isn’t a copy of no one else. Highway Hooker Toewing is fully original, it is us, and it is a handle to light the candle for me to be going towing under. Which relates back to the main topic here, Highway Hooker Toewing is so unique and yet gets attention, so well that I don’t have to hire models etc to get the attention of motorists that may need my services it does it itself. Which would be one more dang reason, I could get rid of my need to breed. 

Got church in the AM see ya’ll after church around 14:00 MST on:

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