It was a Saturday, glad our none member workers get a day off, the rest of us have to work.


Okay I woke up with a terrible case of bronchitis this afternoon, but Halls cough drops and Goody’s garggling should get me up to running status by show time. Isn’t it great that none member employees and such get a day off? For 30 some odd years outside of 3 maybe 4 times, I have yet to have even one day off the duties to the Knytes and even less than that for my service to the WolfPack. Can’t all have the UCSMC Spirit huh? Okay then: Got a reply to our rather my inquiry into Miss no Show from American Falls, I told Angel, to send her a note, show up Monday during regular business hours, lets get something done except a gab session, and your in. No show? Hey 3 strikes Your Outta here. Chandra inquired of things here, she’s still in our hearts and prayers, many people don’t understand her situation, but I do. She got hung for a situation she was not responsible for, spent the year and a half in the cross bar hotel, In Arizona where its hot, humid and disgusting, kept in touch with us, returned back here, got a job at IHOP, got her a place to hang her head and not with a lot of fanfare or much of a hand up from us. If I could rewind the clock, The end of May 1st of June, Me should have, stored the gear, mini Wolf, packed house, stored it, packed car and went up there. At least I’d have fuel in my  tank, food in my house, and money for SKOAL, has anyone even said Hey I have an extra $50.00 I could spare? Even though I’m busting my ass for the Knytes, and this is no reflection on them, they are just tired of pouring money into Southwestern Idaho and getting nothing out of it, no new pledges, no ad revenue, at least from Local merchants, like Ridley’s, Simerly’s, Maverick Stores here. Even one of our associate members up in Bliss hasn’t even offered up a few bucks. Enough with this go nowhere thing already. Then as I read through the lease agreement on that fabuloso place in Twin Falls, saw the space that was being offered, and all even at $900.00, Where is the apartment, the shop? Nothing on that sketch, and so what we dump mucho money into it, unless I or the Club owns or can own it, it ain’t worth it. Let em go find another idiotic sucker.  I’d rather pay the Chili-Pepper for this house in Wendell than undergo that. Sure, love the idea of Twin Falls, but not at that price. $900.00 a month, plus living expenses, bull turds. Sure it might be more in Boise, or even western Wyoming, the difference is you can really get a return on the investment. Although the era and times have changed, still I can recollect in 84 or so, when Skipper convinced me to move to Boise the first time. I moved from the grand house in Hagerman(aka-Hazzard), in 7 months not only was I making money it was the first time that my company had an accounts receivable rather than always accounts payable.  Looking back should have stayed put there in Boise, went to school for my vocations at Boise State, but that birthday with the touch of nostalgia, in my head, I moved to Pocatello, got hustled by Suzi and her parents, had a kid, and my life took a dump there and has been in the shit chute ever since. Thing is could the lightning strike twice there in the Treasure Valley? For my sake gotta go see. But like an old cop in Goon’s Ferry once said it, There is the State Of Ada, and the State of Idaho and very seldom does those two twains meet. Can’t do much in the relocation situation through July, but shit better hit some green lights in July or come August, HazzardAyre Media is in Boise and so am I. I’m tired of getting kicked in the head. Going broke, and nobody really caring. Even on the personal level, Sure sniffing feet of my administrator is one thing, that dear hug at the end of a work day, but hey (not by her) but how about one of these free minded ladies, to once treat me to something sweet between the knees?  Sure I had a shot, at working a short term job at Deseret Industries in Twin Falls, that would have helped. But I figured it was better to run the haul with our Angel, and I’m thankful to Kahless she’s here, right now couldn’t do this without her and come hell or high water she’s getting her pay check, but there needs to be coming in than going out or its not sustainable. Why is it so damned hard to get people that advertise up the anal canal to every other media outlet be it TV, or Newspaper of even other radio stations, spending at least $10.00 every time that computer airs that ad or that newspaper prints it, if the TV station and or other radio station airs that ad, usually at least 50 times that’s $500.00 a month on a BIG gamble, that anyone sees or hears it. They spend a simple $100.00 with us each month and get unlimited airings of the same ad and people see, hear and read it. But do they? No because HazzardAyre is ran by Bikers and reassigned Marine Aviators, that pisses them off and thus wont spend money with us.  Even at this point how am I even going to make full payroll? How am I going to keep the thing running? Look I don’t mind taking people on board, even none members, I don’t mind sacrificing my own needs in many ways to help others that’s what we are to do on this earth, But damn it, could it hurt a few other people looking from outside to jump in and spend some money, on me? More over on the Club and this radio gig? Like I said to live in this part of our valley, I and the Knytes are just not Mormon enough. Who cares about a organization that is here for military aviators that have and still keep this nation free. Or at least as free as it is.  For many even those looking for freedom, still yearn for the trappings of materialism, Laws , order and structured environments. In Reality true Freedom, comes with a lot of pain and heartache in the end all a man wants is the freedom to live in comfort and peace. We look at it as to be free of the dominion of religion, free of the dominion of a corrupt government, free of rules of order, these are the words of a famous writer by the name of Emma Goldman, and it is the core of the beliefs and heart of the Knytes-of-Dixie/AyreWolvez Aviation Association. 

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