If it worked once it’ll work again or so they say.


It’s been said and I’ll say it here, being unique and operating in a niche category even though that category hasn’t been defined makes a company or service a one of. The best of its kind.  If your good at what you do, and do it for the right reason, it is thought you should succeed. Much ballyhooing went on here at the Lair overnight, and like my own towing service it was decided to go full tilt here at KTOW as it its name sake the only radio for those who tow. And what better way to do so, than start running programming for that audience? Years ago I saw a feature truck in Overdrive Magazine called the ; Happy Hooker. It was a grand and sweet rig, little did I know the handle for me going towing was right there in front of my eyes, in that magazine. A year after one of my best mentors and friend who owned and as far as I know still does, TNT Towing of Boise Idaho, Tommy Thompson. He did up some T shirts that featured on the front one big rig tow truck, going from right to left and a light duty tow truck going left to right, in cartoon style was a hot gal in between, and the message on the shirt read, ” Our Hookers Handle All Sizes” Meaning he did both light as well as heavy truck towing. That too struck a chord, then one day out on I-84 changing a tire for a customer, a trucker yelled to others on the CB , that there’s a hooker working on the side of the road. In CB jargon, a Hooker is a TOW TRUCK. That did it. 6 months later Highway Hooker Toewing was born, and is an original built by myself and the crew at both the Kat House of Wyoming where Cat Diesel is gospel, and the Dixie Diesel Shop, the original big rig custom shop. Over the years some of our shops have declined , but Highway Hooker Toewing is still us and our soul, So why not do that on the radio station and network, that created Highway Hooker Toewing. And vice versa. Welcome to the home of Highway Hooker Radio , KTOW FM 105.7 


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