It’s time for me to put it in the Shed, and head for bed. As I do, I need to ask, did it really take a whole damn year for me to find a good employee?


Last night on the air I was asked, if I hate this part of Idaho, why don’t you just move? Funny got asked the same question in both Wyoming and Eastern Idaho. The fact is I love Idaho, its majestic mountain ranges, Idaho’s crystal clear lakes, streams and rivers, places where if you hardly work at it, You can really get lost in and never be found. With that in mind I have been busting my ass for a year now, since my return here I have went into more debt, lost more sleep, thought of taking  my life , yes I thought about it too in Wyoming, but had caring people there that talked me out of it, then gave me options. With everything I have done or tried to do, on behalf of the Knytes as well as the WolfPack of which 700, couldn’t give a rats ass about Idaho, and would just assoon break up the Idaho charter and assign whats here to 4 other charters, still I have hung on. The question is, did it really take me a year and two months to find someone as sweet and kind as Angel? More over and nearly alike Chandra? Of the two Angel is attached to me like glue. Even so did it take this long and since it has why? Angel and a few, have asked why didn’t you plant the thing in an office somewhere? Answer where? And two why? If I can’t get someone to work this thing or haven’t been able until Angel walked through the door, why go the extra expense? Did the idea of home based business’s evaporate? Did the idea, of telecommting evaporate? Now as far as a office type place, the question is where? Every one that we thought we have had has increased in rental rate each month, once they got the idea that it was a radio station ran by a bikers club. All of them. Hey there’s just so much money coming into the kitty. When that’s spent don’t matter how tight it is, no more ejaculation of money can be had. Hell I’m fighting with Facebook on charges to my credit card, plus they charged me another $50.00 for an ad on instagram. I never use Instagram. Big John ain’t happy, with the results of the last few weeks, oh he’s plumb purple tickled over Angel, but that Peggy, the loss of PoohBears money, and the still no pics or anything done with my truck or anything else. These reports from him, goes straight to the High Council, they vote, no juice? They no longer stroke the meat of the bank account nor will authorize any more stroking of that account. The only thing safe is Angels wages, beyond that its a very thin line we are on and even thinner ice. Big John says, Boise, Burley/Twin Falls, or Utah. Not much in between unless we find a great place. I think we need to find a real estate  broker that rides an bike that understands what an MC is to aid in the location of a place for all of this. Up to 5 times there was the idea of putting my lips nose and all in front of or against stockinged toes , and while they were worn, no sniffy, no kissy no nothings. Peggy was I think going to the other day but it was just a 6 hour gab session. The exception is Angel, but usually the High Council does not pay for anything except for billable hours. That means paying for only the hours a talent is on air on radio or on camera.  No on air, no pay.  And you ask why I loose sleep. Is there an answer? Yes, but it ain’t in Wendell, Jerome or the Tragic Valley of Idaho. Finally two things. One I wont be on air until 18:00 tonight need sleep and need prep time this afternoon with Angel, and two, Need to deal with bank and Facebook. See you on air at 18:00 tonight.

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