Dealing in a primate region, one for the money, still no toes in nylon hose against my lips and nose and hopefully I’ll be ready for tonight’s show.

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So Angel and I ventured to the city. Stopping in JTown to get the skivy in the shivvy on the new Lair. Then off to Tweaker Flatts we go. After taking the scenic tour of Tweaker Flatts, get to Anchors Bistro, good food, but many strangers there and no Kylee. Oh well. Chow down on my cocanut Shimp, which if I had ate before going over there  might not have been so bad but after two Bud’s and the shrimp needed to unload my insides. Had Angel stop at the MVM, where I proceeded to unleash what I could only call, nuclear war in the men’s crapper. The field trip was not just for intel gatherinering, it was to meet with the sindler whose trying to place the MC and AC in a structure that keeps going up in price per month everytime we re work the paper work. That has a life expectancy of a huge maybe, but only after I kick the ball around a little more. While the rule of supply versus demand is in play here, there’s not a huge amount of big players money wise or enterprise wise cruising into Tweaker Flatts. It’s really Twin Falls, but I call it Tweaker Flatts, since Twin Falls used to be one of the big nose candy trafficking towns in Idaho. Any mile, so then ventured home. Seems as though our Angel is having personal issues that I’m attempting to help with including footing the bill for her a place to plant her feet in , but she keeps pushing me, and the Club away. I gave up a few days ago, on the idea of trying to find at least some sort of a way to light that fire, but I decided , keep it friendly but stay business. Which I need to do, to keep this media gig flying. Which is difficult at best, since trying to sell advertising to normal deep pocket business’ from a MC or the dark side of enterprise. What I am trying to do is find those small business’ like bars, tattoo parlors etc that cater or would be friendly to us who ride. Part of the problem in this, is getting people to know we are an online radio station. How to access it and enjoy the programming we offer. To do that means ads in biker style publications like EasyRiders, and on TV , and with the Myan’s coming up here in a month or so, having hot female flesh on a scoot, as well as on the trucks with my nose against her toes in nylon hose is the prime reason I signed Angel up to begin with. To date, that has not happened in a rehearsal session. So I’m training Angel to be in office, wearing the form fitting outfits that us who ride find asthetic, as well as teaching her to be on air. Let’s face it missing air time even if it is for only 6 hours right now, is $500.00 per hour that our MC looses when I’m not doing the online show. HD(Harley Davidson), is hurting in bike sales, they are looking for inexpensive but targeted places to sell their bikes,parts etc. Can’t do that if we are not on air barking about that. So we need to be churning out a show at least overnight and keeping something together for those who missed the overnight show a place to go and tune into it. Even if I get the Hershey squirts or my glucose level is so off that I’m too pooped, means having Angel to where she can jump in and sit down and using our music play lists, do quality biker style radical, rebel, fight the system, Confederate powered radio. That is not an easy thing to teach. Thing is with the mental stress here lately neither of us has been in the mood, more over I can’t research, produce and deliver the quality radio we are known for. That’s why we pay what we do, but with this one exception of Angel, anybody else pay is based on being on air, its called billable ON AIR hours, not prep research hours. Similar to a acting role. Which in many ways this is; an actor or actress, only get’s paid when their on set, on stage and when the blooming thing is being shown or aired. Prep time for the role is on that actors dime, not the dollar of the production company. There are some exceptions, like big name stars and protege’s but not often. Example; big time TV stations, and some major radio stations in larger markets bring in new hires, but most new hires, are usually put on a internship. Meaning they get paid about 1 to 2 % of the standard of what seasoned anchor on on air personality would make.  Most of these newbees, usually have a second or even third job, until they get their resume’s and  skills built up . As for me , I was very blessed. I was essentially born with the skills. I yearned for the spotlight, I knew basic tech at least in the day, and I could fold together an airable show just walking in off the street. I began my radio venture at age 7 and made pro by age 12. I loved Radio. As a young Wolf-Pup, running a tow truck was the last thing on my agenda for a career, it was Aviation first (hey I got my General Aviation License at age 11), Broadcasting second. The Tow truck thing came as a result of compromise. My tiny hot rod shop needed a way to drag in the bodies and such to rebuild for customers, LexiBelle, came into my life, I loved the profession, and have stayed with it. And with that, I get more business if LexiBelle was here right now, but I get more inquiries to go tow than anything else I do. But my head was always as it is now in the clouds, and on the air. Fortunately at age 21 I was able to combine all of it together because of my parents as well as the Club. Had it not been for circumstances beyond my control, I would have by now been married to a gal in Layton named Peggy Follett, been either in one of the major media centers in Salt Lake City, or been somewhere in aviation. Because of my blessings and God’s gifts, I extend to others like Angel, and young ones, that need the help up in their career ladder, a kindness.  Then there are those that push away that kindness. Example, for various reasons Angel needs a roof of her own over her head, by middle of July. That’s going to be tight for her because of our revenue stream. However, although she ain’t moving into my bedroom, but I offered her a place to sack out until such time as she makes enough to get into her own place, she pushes that away. Now granted Angel is a she, however it wouldn’t matter if it is Angel, Bro, Rick, Steve, or any member of the Club. Need a place to crash, we can make room. Its a place to crash utilities paid that way through wages and saving up financial resources she can get a nice and good place of her own. I do not, let me repeat I DO NOT WANT or DESIRE to get HITCHED to Our Angel. I have my POOHBEAR for that.  It should not matter about gender nor about, whose the frigging boss, or in my case the district commander (executive Vice President)   It simply is a place to crash , poop and shower. In essence a Cake is sometimes just a cake Deanna-Troi-from-Star-Trek-The-Next-Generation-as-a-cake Plus being her constantly she can learn the skills she needs to further her career here. As well as absorb the MC Culture.  Plus she might not be so lonely as she puts it. Hey I may stink to high Heaven sometimes and yes I need to get to a laundry, that said, I’m not so bad. Sure the thought of if she needs to shag some dude would be a thing of going to the dudes house, still she would have a solid place to roost if she needed to. Any mile need to take a few hours for my nap see ya’ll in a few hours, on: and on KTOW FM 105.7 Hazzard Idaho.

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