Do blondes really have more fun and/or oppurtunities, or is this a myth? How do you know if she really is blonde?


Is it true that blondes are really stupid and that us male corpuscles just excuse the stupid for the angelic hair tones of gold? Or are Blondes more intelligent and just don’t show it figuring some guy with a penus the size of a power pole driving a new pickup truck, will take care of them the rest of their lives? Can you teach blondes how to perform a task, or must you hold their hands for them to be effective on the job? Does age of the woman determine the abilities of the person. It is said from a sexual level, that us male corpuscles reach our sexual  maturity between the ages of 25 to 30. Where as women even though their bodies might be advancing, don’t reach sexual maturity until they hit the ages of or between 35 to 45. On the mental level, women as girls progress faster until about the age of 18, Where as us guys don’t hit our male mental maturity until the ages of between 45 to 50. Until then we may be bodies of steel, and have muscles of Paul Bunyan, yet we still need our toys, as young boys we are into Tonka trucks, as adults if you want to call us that, get our kicks from big rig trucks and mud diggers. Oh you might get lucky and find a gal who has a tom boy streak in her, but in my years I have been with only three women that had the ability to be woman one hour and go get under the hood and pull an engine the next. Jolene Hatch was one , Gretchen Wilson is another, and a gal that lives near me here in Hazzard. The rest don’t even get on the tarmac , oh they try very hard, just they just can’t sprout wings on their own. Now there once was the concept that red heads were hot, and had fire in their crotch. Brown-ettes were a throw back to a sandy beach, and brunettes, are dark and mysterious. Now in the progression of science the theory goes the only way to tell if she is a true blonde is to see what color the lawn or short landing strip, is blonde. If not, its a question of Clarol hair coloring, only her hair dresser knows for sure. then the question enters, does she or doesn’t she? Again only her hair dresser knows for sure. So in closing this one out, the question, do you prefer blondes? And is there a link between hair color and intelligence? 

Oh and no not yet of my lips and nose against her toes in hose. Details of a guessing contest on that coming next week. 

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