It sure was A Monday, and seems as though this week is going to be a repeat of last week.

Toew Talk

Ever get the feeling you’ve been screwed and yet you never really enjoyed it? Remember that sugar babe from AM Falls? Well after repeated attempts to contact her she decided that Angel and I are assholes, that her Privacy was somehow invaded and that she no longer wanted to be part of the gig in the first place. Which is okay on the latter, but a heads up the day between visit 1 and 2, and what was a sore throat to do with it, she could have watched  Mistress and I do our show, got a feel for it, and maybe get involved in something a bit away from the stripper pole. Oh well guess I should have concluded that her looks which needed some work any how, was all she would have been so that’s the end on that, besides I’d rather have our Chandra20799404_501329683537369_2157676117661443269_n and especially our Angel. Okay then, it’s been a grand Monday, got some jingle in my pocket from PoohBear, plus might just have a new Lair in Jerome, will wait and see. However its very difficult to justify going the expense on going into debt on another place for HazzardAyre/Highway Hooker Radio. With just the two of us. The place we have now can work this thing as it has done, but am going to go scoop out some other hopefuls. If we are going to go into the debt of a full on place etc, there has to be at least two possibly 3 honeys to go into the studio, and at least 5 more to be camera eye candy. However I know that even those will be pale next to Angel, but we need the extras. Without that and the fact of no legs and toes for me to build graphics with for our ads etc, makes it a tough sell to the High Council, and that $200 Sherry didn’t help much. Boise is looking very good at this point. I looked at some stats last night. Seems that only the city of trees, aka Boise, is one of the top 10 best places in America to live, what it doesn’t list is any other places in Idaho. In my opinion, if your going to spend mucho denaro for a place or places, might as well have it in an area where human and tech resources are at. Not where you spend out your anus and still have to claw your way. Bulls Breath. Went over with Angel to snag funds at Walmart today, seemed as natural as could be, her there with me. While I got over being bogged down with the idea that there was a flame there, still she’s my best gal pal, and 1st chair here, so that’s cool.I was talking with my son, about Angel, he is very interested in meeting Angel, I sent him the newest pic of the Mistress, 36176774_2022410078075609_2286419436229361664_n and he says he likes what he sees. However with him, its twice bit three times shy. He wants to see how this all pans out. Seems as though I was falling into one of my old handicaps, of becoming subserviant, and all, and while my casa is her casa and all, I’m big boss here, and I need to be much more in tune with that. I had to let one of my mid season drivers go earlier tonight, found that he had his hand in the honey jar a bit, and did not say anything. Look there are times that I have no problem giving a bit of advance on pay or such in an emergency, but when I find I’m getting skimmed, its out the door. So he was and it is done. Was going to go on air but the stress of the last two or so days , the regid heat, has me drained. But ya’ll want to read this? Just as Angel left I decided to go snag a bath, and scrape my face, I was and no not that way, but was thinking of that gal in AM-Falls, on giving her a jingle and offering her a third chance, this was before she emailed me back with her rude comments. Any rate(4-1/2 %) as I was soaking and cooling down, Angel calls and it was about that $200 Sherry. You tell me about a telepathic connection 0626080013 answer? Yes. Here is the Mistress’ new head shot,36176774_2022410078075609_2286419436229361664_n hope you like, as I close here. Have you ever considered that if you scratch behind your ear and give your finger a sniff and don’t lie, you know you do, that your finger smells like that same amonia that rises between a gals legs? 5760 Add to that ; remember the ad for Hanes underwear from a few years back where the guy smells under his arm pit to see if he’s not got BO? Then does the same thing at the subway train station, and his wife raises her eye brow?hanes-with-fresh-iq-end-the-smellfie-large-7 I remember that ad, mostly cause the actress that was on the ad had a sexy look , but do you, and don’t lie if you scratch, pick, or dig on your body, do you ever smell your fingers or your hand? For that matter have you ever tried to identify the origin? Or what other smell is the same? Shit maybe its just that I need to get laid(Really bad). I will see you on the dawn patrol at 06:00 on KTOW FM 105.7 and online at 

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