I’m sorry sour vagina and Cocunut Shrimp do not mix,

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So there we were at Anchors Bistro in Twin Falls, enjoying the foreplay or prelim into getting our food, when this one server breezes by. Most men do not notice these things nor identify the smell, but this server had vagina odor, that was so bad I near hurled my Bud beer. I knew it wasn’t Angel cause hers never smells bad. She always makes sure there’s perfume or at least an odor covering agent on her. I knew it most likely wasn’t the gal serving us, but I kept noticing the horid smell. Finally I had to ask Angel, ” Should I say something? She said it would not be good. My question is, don’t women check that any more? Do they not clean that any more, and don’t they scent that thing any more? Hey I’m all in for vajayja, I like muffin diving as good as the next guy, however even then its got to be fresh. Did the gal just flat not care? I’m into being all natu-ral myself, but again, I would never work in a eating establishment, where the server had V-odor. Shouldn’t there be a advisory on the mirror under the one that demands the servers wash their hands, should there not be another sign that says, make sure your crotch don’t smell? Just some of what we’re talking about here on Highway Hooker Radio on: http://www.spreaker.com/ayrewolf Angel will be on tonight. As for the lady at Anchors, maybe she was just queefing. Who knows. That’s another reason if I open along with the MC a place pantyhose will be worn. Why? Because pantyhose keeps such odors covered. Stay tuned.

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