Isn’t it amazing that those who turn up their nose at HazzardAyre Radio usually go under or have a bad time of it after?

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Now what I’m going to post here right now, is not to denounce nor belittle anyone, or its not meant to. But it needs said any way. I have noticed 4 of our network partners that had a better than though stuck up attitude, when they thumbed their nose at us here at HazzardAyre, that they themselves fall on even worse times. Back in 2013 through one of our network partners had CSC TalkRadio on it. So I contacted Beth Ann , and we joined forces. we imported her show from 11:00 AM to 13:00(1:00pm) Great show, good content. But then she got all Trump on us, and well we are not a big Trump fan so we throttled back our efforts as far as CSC Talk Radio, that and she changed satellite signals and we haven’t had money to upgrade so that went sour. Then back in mid March this year, we signed up as a BIZTV/BIZTALK Radio. Which included Business Rockstars. Out of the crap that’s aired there Business RockStars seemed to be a grand show and Alex on there being main anchor didn’t hurt the draw to the network either. But then they got snobby, and I started seeing numerous repeats of shows. Seems as though when we dropped them, funding went sour and this, while they still are there are not as pristine as they were once. Likewise is BIG BIZShow.  Here’s the thing, with just under 130 stations owned by other people that are members of the Knytes We cover a large spectrum of radio and TV across the nation. As such as our loyalty being what it is, snub one of us, in this case our flagship station, you snub the rest. I drop one, and so does the rest. Of the 300,000 members nationwide of both the Knytes and the WolfPack Combined we are loyal to each other. If you dishonor, snub, lie or try to snooker one of us, you just shot yourself in the butt for doing business of any kind with the rest of us. We are very loyal to each other, and besides the loyalty state side, when we were serving in The Marines all of us, our own lives depended on each other. The bonds made and created in battle and because of service in battle are friendships that are not replaceable. While I don’t personally like the Don, as our President of these Union States, nor do I agree all the time with his politics or policies, still as I wear my Globe and Anchor , he still is our Commander in Chief as such I need to honor and support him, because of that. Even though some of what he does like changing horses in the middle of the stream on immigration issues etc, and starting trade wars with China or raising raw materials that is requiring Harley Davidson to move out of our Union, still much of what the Don, is doing is not all that wrong. While its been said the Don, is against immigration, the truth is, he isn’t. All Trump is doing is saying want to come to America? Do it legally, apply for citizenship, let us take a look at you, then if your not going to cause more strife in our nation, we welcome you. But if your aim is to give us problems, stay the hell out. When it comes to the Democrats, get Nancy and a few of those old farts out of the party and DC, the Republican’s have some house cleaning to do too. With this mid term election season going there’s going to be change on the Hill in DC. Hold onto your hats friends its going to be a bumpy ride. 

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