Some things come and go quick while other things shouldn’t come and go as quickly.

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So Friday morning came, PoohBear after some prodding got the Clubs money wired to me at WalMart, but outside of some pocket change is all but gone. Came to the conclusion after some mind tanking that Angel with her off spring would be better off in this house, and that the 1bdrm in JTown would be best for me. What do I REALLY need a place to shit, shower, and sleep most everything else I can harvest out of the office which come to find out is only steps from where I live. Groovy baby as Austin Powers said it.  So now just waiting for Saturday to get here so she and I can go over particulars and I can get my butt on the road to attend to things LexiBelle. Then its pack, to move. I am however for a short term say a month or so, retaining in part the area of this house currently occupied by the radio studio. Once I’m in the new office and its configured to stomach that, then the radio station fully is in JTown and all will be fine. At least from that point. There has been what I will call, a mythical or a paranormal thing of this house over the past year. Seems every time I planned to move some ery force kept me from doing so. Now had my money not been swallowed up by both some what of CenturyLink, and the other being of utility bills plus FakeBook, I’d have been fine to remain on station. But unlike PoohBear last month, I know what swallowed up my funds. But on a single persons funds this here in this house was not sustainable. So I decided that Angel and crew needed this house more than I did, and I didn’t need all the extra expenses, so I got the place in JTown. Nuff Said.

So I got home, again forgot my meds, so need to get that done in the AM, Then venture out to do things LexiBelle. Get back here do Church Sunday morn, then get the move groove in gear for next week.  Once I got home here Friday, I finished as much business as I could, laid down and was dead to the world. The move at least for me, from ETown to Swendell, was not a smart one. I surrendered much of what was good, and able to one that I was promised could be so sweet that turned out sour as month old cream.  

From Sunday night to Thursday morning, will be some of our last steady and regular scheduled shows, on our radio network. After that we’ll be pretty much be off air until the new place is set up. 

Finally, As I awoke this morning, Got a text from Miss Samcro MC Chandra, or at least I think it was her, must be if she’s using Chandra’s phone number. The first text simply said , : Hey Love” , the next one went along to, Afternoon Stud, then went Night Baby, Now don’t know if in fact it was Chandra or not, as these days via FakeBook, and people overlapping phone numbers to sell stuff and scamming, , but if in fact it is Chandra , I wonder wuzz up with that? The other half of that is, why me? Why now? I had thought that Chandra was deep in romantic twists with some cat she moved in with. As for me I’m headed to bed.

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