2nd Thessalonian’s says; if you want to eat, you have to work. The Knytes and I say, if your going to be employed and get paid by us, you gotta do something.

2nd Thessalonians says and I often follow biblical paths it says if you want to eat you have to work. The Knytes and I have a similar thinking, if you want to work for us and get paid by us, you have to do something. Okay two trips to Twin Falls, to eye ball a new studio location, two eat out lunch’s and one day of so called auditions don’t count. No toes in hose against my lips and nose, for the infamous toew smooch happened, not even once, Only one and that went short by 3 hours, but even that was interrupted by texts to former male connections. I’m sorry, you work here, put down or turn off the damn smart phone. And work. How about writing ad copy? For that matter sell ad’s to generate income for the station. Even at that she could have made $400.00 or so, after taxes. Nope didn’t do that. My Mom God rest her soul, took the baby spoon and her teat out of my mouth at age 10, made me work, in Layton Utah it was mow lawns to make my own money, in Idaho we all my step brother Steve when he was home on military leave and I , plus mom and Dad worked that 300 acre farm, we built that house on the hill shelf just outside of the town of Hazzard ourselves. Mom would sand and then coat those 42 doors in that house on both sides. I strung and wired that entire house, We had one electrical contractor who approved my work for state inspection, but I did the work. Steve and the plumber did the water works, Dad did the dry wall, and all of us got into the carpet laying, which sadly the people there now ripped up. I framed in and wired the elevator and dub waiter, the list goes on, but we worked. The results? A home that too many had condemned still stands. Couldn’t buy that house for under a million bucks today. It came by work. As for myself, sometimes I succeed , sometimes I fail, but I keep getting up, brushing myself off, and re engineer, but HazzardAyre and all its parts would not still be active and on air somewhere if it wasn’t for long nights, early mornings, and 18 hours out of 24 hour days. Sure the gear is old, sure up to this point the studios have been in house and I mean in house, my house, but we still keep on , keeping on. Likewise from the 1st second our General Lee came into Hagerman that turned it into Hazzard Idaho, Myself, Allen, Jimmy Mac Duane, Ron Adams to name a few hammered, tuned and rebuilt our moon runner, hell for stout. It showed at the Salt Lake City AutoRama in November 1981, got featured in a magazine in February 1982, and the Knytes as then the Hazzard County Knytes was given life in April 1982. Likewise if few believe what I said there, the Gooding County Courts and Sheriff’s office have record of me doing 185 mph down Hagerman(aka Hazzard) main street, of which I was housed in the cross bar motel in Gooding for 90 hard days. After which the Club was then gave its state charter. Even then area media ignored us as a group, or organization. As such little growth in the Club occured. Oh it came by word of mouth in those days there wasn’t much in the way of the Internet. Then it came, I had radio gear that was harvested from a high school up north in Lewiston, Idaho, sure it was only 100 watts but it worked. So since we had things going on sub band radio, anyway, Jimmy myself and Allen, rebuilt the radio studio that yes was in the big studio room in that house, and on May 28th on my by then deceased Mom and to her honor KDXC FM went on the air. In June 1994 we converted KDXC into an AM, and rebadged our FM into KTOW the first radio station in the nation for those of us who tow. The Toew Smooch is an extension of that effort. The bottom line, none of it would have been possible if it were not the sacrificing of money by all, sacrificing sleep, eating, and carnal pleasures to build something. By 2001-1/2  I had relocated to Layton Utah, had a nice house on main there, and met with a few more fly boys from the 415th Tac Fighter Wing at HAFB, thee, who were then members of what we call the AyreWolvez Aviation Association aka the WOLFPACK, Here was joint military branches off duty joining together to build a radio op, that was similar to AFR. And the old style AFR. In March 2005 after much effort AyreWolf FM, went on air over streaming, once we found out how. In 2013 after I had got back here to the Tragic Valley, found a cat out of Nevada who belonged to a MC based out of there, he signed us up on Livestream.com, and the rest is history. None of this would have happened if we didn’t bleed a bit of money at times, and put what we did have back into the effort. That’s why combined between the Knytes and the WolfPack there are 300,000 members coast to coast, and another 200,000 between Australia and the UK. We are just now getting our feet wet in Canada, so its worth it. So just because our dear Angel flew the Lair here and all does not mean we quit, maybe she shouldn’t have. Her choice. Now she and all should not blame me or the Club as it was the fact that FakeBook ripped us for $900.00 which if that hadn’t happened Angel would have $500.00 in her pocket right now. If she wants money from us, maybe she should snoop into a method of getting that $500.00 back to us. I can tell you this the Knytes/Wolfpack will never buy another help wanted ad on FakeBook again. Too many snowflakes, on there.

Tuning up the station right now, will be on the air over the air at 13:00 hours. Will let you know if we’re still on Spreaker.com, by then.

Stay tuned.

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