Another one gone, Teasers are never pleasers and get fumed when you call their bluff.

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So our Angel flew out of the crew and all I can say is Happy Trails. Tried to do as much as I could for you and teach you, but your breeding needs outweighed your working needs, so my initial assessment of hire all talent out of an agency only still applies. But at least you gave it a try.

So went over to the new place to begin the assessment of where to put stuff and start the idea of cleaning, before I move in. IT IS SMALLER that what I had in mind. But cruised after I had a great meal at the Depot, thanks to Bill & Bob, for that. So cruised rapidly here, waited a few hours, for Angel to surface on the concept of renting this house. Of course she has no money, Guess the new job isn’t really there. Perhaps if she had stayed with us a bit longer she’d have a good paycheck from us being able to bill advertisers time for her being on air. 

My Dad when I was a very young Wolf Pup, taught me a valuable lesson. Even if there’s nothing to do in the shop, there is always a broom. That kept me busy, I got to work up a sweat and think. Okay maybe Angel didn’t really need to think, (maybe she needs to think a lot) but even if she wasn’t on air, even if she wasn’t in the office, did she ever think of taking out a thing called the phone book, and just randomly cold calling business’s asking them if they were satisfied with their current ad provider, and if not would they like to consider us here at HazzardAyre? Then delivering our pitch? She says she didn’t get a check, nope she didn’t reasons, are that A due to circumstances with our ad program at FakeBook, I couldn’t pay her, The Club is still trying to figure out what she did except for one show for 4 of the 6 hours she was supposed to be on air, Something I could replicate and pitch to advertisers, nope she didn’t think on that one. Then for every $100.00 of ad time she sold, she got to keep $20.00 of it. The Club kept $80.00 20 people or business’s buying advertising each at that $80.00 that’d be $1,600.00 in the bank that could have put us in the new studios. Nope couldn’t do that. Then she jumped out of the stew on FakeBook, to which okie dokie, don’t let the door hit you in the butt. Only have one outside of an agency talent, that’s Chandra the rest need not worry nor apply, as of this point, we only will hire from our affiliated talent agency, the rest of it don’t want to to contend with it. 

Now then moving on. There are times when you see a door or two close, yet two maybe 3 open. As I was leaving the Depot, I noticed the door at an old fuel stop shop open, and folks cleaning, plus a few contenders for my hands to be involved in. So I muddled over there talked to the fine lady, now $2,k a month is a bunch of money, however at that location with our reputation as far as both going towing as well as our need for and of things that speed, that we build, its doable. There’s gold in rods of old. So made a deal, and will seal that come Monday. Alrighty then. As I close and I make this with the most sincere request.

Yes for many in this nation, it is a holiday. People will be out and about celebrating a day of so called independence which is a lark by southern culture types like myself since we were depressed and oppressed at the time, but at that, folks buy fireworks, shoot them off and enjoy the bang. For us with such maladies as PTSD, and military memories that are not always so far away and forgotten that exploding noise that so many enjoy, brings back thoughts that we returned home military would just assoon, forgot. Please enjoy yourself but ask yourself in your neighborhoods, is there a Vet in and near where you live that would not like to hear the bang? If so have some understanding. 

Final we will not be on the air on until after mid August. However, ya’ll can catch 3 hours of our show on , if you all need to call me do so at 208-536-6172 Until then good night to you.


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