Its time to get serious about going towing

SAMCRO TOEW1 samcro journal

As I sat down at my dinner at McDonalds in Jerome, Idaho, and devoured the new smoked bacon cheese burger oh ya’ll got to try this new entre on mikie dees menu its sooo good. Any mile I got to chatting with a pal from A1 and the conversation leaned towards that since we have to put the radio station on hold, why not dig in and get going towing? After all, I get more phone calls for snagging and dragging than I do anything Radio or media. So am scanning parts books and watching how to videos on making Mini Wolf into the Little Hooker. Of Course our main horse LexiBelle needs to be retrieved and rebuilt so its all a ways off. But after two years of hell doing radio I burned out and need to take a different approach at it all. On the subject of my new domicile. The fact is its very small, and near slum, at a high price. However for just me right now and up until the wedding bells chime for PoohBear and I it’ll do just fine. Yes its a tiny place, but with some good elbow grease and TLC it’ll do me just swell. So its find shop space, get trucks in and get busy, going to try and touch bases with Kathleen to see if that plan is still groovy with her and Steve. PoohBear and I plan on joining on October 31st 2018, at the Jerome County airport, 

Lots to do today so its lights out for me. TTYLY

my stick

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