Do you really know how to wash your hands, for that matter disinfect your private areas? Some should learn this is becoming epidemic .

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A delicious morning from Hazzard County, the Real Hazzard County, 

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So earlier this morning and I don’t remember quite well from which publication I saw it, perhaps CNN’s popup any mile, do you even know what bacteria is on your hands? And what about that who ever that just shook your hand, do you even think that he might have just came from the pisser, holding his shaft, and oh yes the pubie hairs? Kinda makes you want to be fully anti social. That’s why I give hugs more than shake hands, a hug is much more sanitary. So was reading this piece, then it went to a video that in my opinion wasn’t done very well. Then showing the application of that anti bacterial lotion and such. Have you ever had to go to the head, after coming in contact with someone who just shook your hand with that on? Talk about a wolf howl. That stuff burns. So if washing your hands is supposed to cure the smelly blues

and make you at least for the  short term clean, what about the private parts of you? Did you clean that nether region images? I mean this is serious. Just the other day while doing business and having lunch at Anchors Bistro, now there were two odors floating in the air that day. First was the distinct pungent odor of female crotch, I mean it must have been days since she douched. Then another had arm pit smell so bad you’d think they were serving bean with bacon soup. Now my at the time administrative director Angel said I should not say anything. Bulls Breath, If it stinks where I’m eating my lunch, then somebody ought to know about it. Now if you have ever went into a public crapper at such places, you see the signs that say EMPLOYEES MUST WASH THEIR HANDS AFTER GOING TO THE RESTROOM, shouldn’t there be a sign just below that , that says Female Employees must wash their nether regions, or some such wordage? I think there should be, after all are they not serving food for public consumption? Shouldn’t there be a mandate for feminine clean there? For that matter  just for personal respect. Now granted I myself may let my threads get a bit staunchy at times, but as far as body odor, never. I bathe at least twice a day, everyday, I don’t like bad stink. At least on me and for Heaven’s sake, not in a place where people serve food.  

More on HazzardAyre Radio later in my next report.




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