When is it going to get warm here in Western Idaho? And Bittersweet memories of Swendll Idaho

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I want to know when its supposed to get warm here in Western Idaho? Seems and I might be mistaking, but it seems last year this time that if it wasn’t for the AC, I was dripping in sweat, and having to jump in the tub to cool off. This year it is that I need to for at least 2 to 3 hours in the early morning turn up the heat. The year prior, residing in ETown Wyoming, I’d look at the weather on Weatherbug it would say it was at least 10 to 15 degrees warmer here in Swendell or western Idaho than in ETown. Not this year. Is it global warming? Or Global freezing? I would have thought that with the fridgid winter that as it was, be warmer during the summer, yet here I sit in long sleeve shirts with hot coffee rather than a cold DewIce. 

If you don’t think computers or such have feelings, try ignoring em for a period of time. They get all kinds of fussy. Went to fire up for an early morning run on HazzardAyre, but old Bessie didn’t want to boot up, so am in doing a scandisk right now getting ready for an afternoon haul online. Between today to late Friday is it online and as far as for now KTOW FM. Reason need to remodel and get the new place set up to move gear into, rewire, and re engineer. When I think back a year and one month ago, when I moved from ETown here to Swendell(Swindle) Idaho, I think to myself all that happened in between, how much money I lost and continue to loose by not being in ETown. Now the money lost is not reflective on the radio thing, that just about broke even most months, nope, but I get at least two maybe three if not more calls for towing from ETown, than I have gotten here. Not that my split arrangement with A1 isn’t good, but parting with 40% of every tow is not my cup of coffee(I never drink much tea). I’d rather be making the entire amount for my blood sweat, and braun. Now you say LexiBelle is violated, not able to run, true, except had I remained there, the violation would have never happened. As I would have been there to tend to the old girl every day if not several times a day. But then I remember the swindler who yapped at me on my mobile phone that said move over here and we’ll make big money, radio and media wise. Yea if I had moved to Boise. Swendell Idaho is not the place for this. I remember when Straight Arrow and a few co hearts tried to fire up a station just outside of Gooding Idaho back in the early 1990’s. It didn’t work. The tech infrastructure is just not here, the engineering resources at least human engineer resources are just not here, the on air people/talent is just not here, and your Lucifer if your a Confederate or want to do something rebel or off the wall. Nope, it ain’t here. Not saying Jerome is a barn burner either, but its a chance for me to get off the air for a few months, get my head screwed on better and figure out where the proper place is to plant this seed. The adventure with Angel and all taught me one thing, as much as it looks to have progressed, in reality this area has recceeded to a point of near no recovery. Not saying that it couldn’t but the old money that’s here and the influence that, that old money holds, means progress is going to be even slower than a snail crawling across the floor. Angel called twice on the Landline wanting cash for her participation. Two things there , the Knytes’ High Council is still going over that asking what did she really do that we could resell, and make money off of it, and two, my own money got ripped out of my hand by FakeBook, both of which means at best Angel nor I will see a cent until after the 1st of August. Hey Angel I’m sweating over funds for my bills too. The end of this is simple, It’s not just the weather that’s chil and cold in SWendell Idaho. See ya’ll on air around noon.

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