Oh forgive them Lord for they know not what they think or say.


Earlier this morning after I awoke from a long days sleep that I needed , I glanced at my email in box and found a cantakerous message mostly a heckler who was asking about the MC’s events. In reality our MC hasn’t taken on a major event as far as a party or rally in 10 years. Mostly due to funding issues, other reasons involve venues, since its really hard to find any place out in our area that can handle the free gathering, of 300,000 riders and gear splitters. The last big pow-wow we had was back in 2010, and even then we had people sleeping in RV’s and tents. No Motel or hotel room could be found. Then a year or so there was the fuss in WACO Texas that some of our brethren were caught up in, many who we are still paying big money to deep hunger attorney’s to get out of there. The $3k an hour these guys charge digs deep into MC Treasury, that’s why what little funds we have left must be metered out very carefully and selectively. While there is no idea of killing things such as our radio op, as well as other projects the need to push back from that table and figure out the best place to plant that seed where all resources can be gathered is crucial. Let’s face it, things on many levels have not been fruitful in Idaho. The trouble is, there’s a bunch of narrow minded people, that hold property that have no acceptance for a 1% Outlaw MC. Example; there’s a fine place that would be perfect in Buhl, that could work well for us. But its an elderly couple that own it, and as such even with no serious lookers on it, it sits. If they would have had an open mind we’d be in that already . So you need to fly under the radar a bit, and assemble under WolfPack(The AyreWolvez) our Veteran Military aviators subsidiary. In that case it’s a question of: why not by an Airport? One is base of operation is, but the fact most Airports, need you to have at least one N’ numbered aircraft in the hangar, our excuse is we fix other people’s birds, but even that can be a stand off between us and the Feds. Even with all that we truck a long. The thing with the place in Jerome against the place back in ETown was simply economics right now and for the $50.00 a month more I’m paying in Jerome it does the trick. This does in no way limit the idea that ETown is out of the question. Our main source of income comes from corporate sponsors, HD, JD, and a few others. One is solid, the other cut way back, one even held off and reduced their financial support of our MC/AC(Air-Club) until the dust settles after the fuss in Texas. To answer the heckler. No we don’t right now have any big pow wow’s planned except my marriage to my Shelly(PoohBear) Come October. That’s mostly a fly in. Riders however are welcome to attend. But by invitation only.

In a few days , I’ll be gone from Swendell Idaho, only things I’ll be coming over here for is to pay my car payment and get my prescriptions, beyond that nothing much left here. My online presence will be less and by the weekend HazzardAyre/SAMCRO MC Radio will be silent, for a few months.  My Cell phone will be quiet, hey had to pay my car payment, which prevented me from paying my cell bill. Was going to sub into PC METRO, but keeping my ride was more important. This is why I’m moving in the first place. Considering that out of the $2k a month I get, between SSI from both myself and PoohBear, and my military pension, I’m paying just at over $1,200.00 in bills, which leaves me near no money by the middle of the month. Deducting $400.00 in power bills, $200.00 in water and trash bills, Makes up enough to rent a more business location for the Radio op. As far as a new Knytes Hall or Wolf’s Lair? That’s still very much out in the distance, most likely not going to happen until mid year next year once we truck back to ETown. As far as going towing here full time? That’s if’y at best. For every call I have to split with another tow service here, I get 10 calls from ETown. That’s $800.00 a week, that I’m loosing. This is why I usually had extra money in ETown, and being broke on my ass, here in SWendell. 


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