So what did she really do? Money is tight here, you get paid for what we can bill for, not just doing prep work for.

Hazzard Gazzette hedder  samcro journal

So a few of the Reaper Crew and I got together Tuesday night, mostly boxing things for the move, and so we all sat down, had a few barley pops, and discussed matters. The main one came as since I’ve come up lame money wise was, why did we do this Angel thing? Hey the young lady had promise, I don’t blame her for getting off our wagon, the thing is, what did she really do? Two reports, and one half done radio show. The rest was prep work, and that we can’t bill for. Considering my situation, had I went to Deseret Industries, busted my ass there , I might have some extra income right now, and am btw going to re examine if I can get back into that. No I could’ve would’ve been better off. But I thought it best to train Angel for a better calling than just being a pin up  model. Even that couldn’t happen until mid July here, to mid August. Nope I endured stress, mental anguish, having to defend myself and the Club, as well as being told even when I wanted to get in touch with her by her xom, to leave her and his family alone. Really, never bothered her family. If and its a big IF, and its up to a Mayhem vote, that means a majority vote by all the Club, as well as the High Council, it wont come until after the middle of August. And oh yes one more thing, our trip to Sturgis, once again this year ours is scrubbed. No income, to go. Deffinately next year. 

However this brings up a real question. And it’s not only a major rally for all who ride, but too for Dukes fans alike. Several years ago, the High Council thought, there’s a ton of folks who just can’t make a trip to the deep south to attend DukesFest as it was once called. Even before, and I mean long before there was a Cooter’s Place, back east, The Hazzard Knytes was already considering doing up a Hazzard CSA Park, to be located between Mountain Home Idaho, and Hammett Idaho. Right where them folks wanted to build that nuclear power plant there. Area residents scrubbed our idea. Then we looked at Atomic City,(Still own broadcast license there) for a Hazzard County Memorial Park, again scrubbed by County Commissioners, however not to be done once again the thought is why not an area that has long been forgotten just outside of Montpelier Idaho. There’s a spot of nearly 10,000 acres that could easily handle our project. Just outside of CokeVille, on the Idaho/Wyoming line. Why not have a mini Sturgis/DukesFest/Hazzard Nationals there? Build a 1/8th mile paved short circle track, and have a mini Hazzard right there. Plans are under way. While western Idaho, continues to push away those who are trying to revitalize a really sluggish local economy, Eastern and SouthEastern Idaho people are there with open arms. Watch here for details, in coming months.

So what did she do? Still a BIG ? 

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