Want to sell me something or fix a grief , be an American first.


Ever wake up and cave in to the idea, that this is going to be just one of those days. The day after a holiday especially if its in the middle of the week is a real bitch. Especially dealing with things of a banking kind. Of course I know there’s bills to pay, but from Google’s Gsuite, to Yahoo.com/business and various other ecomm communications it was a real cats dick up my ass all day. Add to that the fantastic parts vendors who now want paid, and the list goes on. Of course found a help desk for Google, support, at least they have one, FakeBook don’t have a Help Desk, where you can contact a huma, nope its that damn Artificial Intelligence which would be fine if real intelligence was behind it. Which there isn’t. Then if you do get in touch with some human from one of those Silicon Valley dope users, I hate geeks, any mile you get someone who either speaks Phillipino , Indian(Hadji style) or Hispanic, or a combination of the bunch. So if you have a trade name like Highway Hooker Toewing, or preytell AyreWolf Aviation kinda quirky spelled, try to get that idea across. Damn near as frustriting as telling one of those turbine wrapped swammy’s that you want a can of SKOAL Wintergreen Original, in the middle of Beverly Hills at an AMPM at 02:30 hours in the morning. There’s something missed in the translation much more in the culture.  Our Culture. I don’t care if your a Trump Supporter, Obama Supporter, Clinton Supporter or an athletic supporter, if you come to this nation for work or a life, first arrive legally, and two; for damn sake learn how to speak American. Not English, but American, all our dialects. Southern, Boston area, Texas, ALL of them, Its like; moving from one our states in our wonderful nation to the other, once there you have at least 90 and some even sooner, but at least 90 days to change your license plates and drivers license. If not your assessed a citation, same ought to  go for people from other nations arriving or for that matter establishing companies from other nations, adhere to our laws or get the frack out. So your asked to go to some Help Forum, really? With at least 8 other idiot geeks that have no clue as to what you need to do, eventually and with enough bitching you’ll get some senior staff member on the line, but even then its a crap shoot if that person can speak American well enough to help you fix the problem. This all started when one of Google Cloud’s sales team called me wanting me to expand our Google Cloud offerings. But ever since the fuss over both Cooter’s A1 Toewing of Utah, and SAMCRO TOEW, I’m not in a big hurry to do that. About the only one of these outfits that works well, with the least amount of fussing, is Yelp. My old pal Nate, in Wyoming turned me on to that, and the damn thing don’t cost me one damn penny yet I get 5 out of every 10 tow calls from Yelp. So bottom line; If your going to sell me something or do business with me best speak, write, read, and breed American, or stay the hell off my phone.

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