Don’t advertise on FakeBook, and never work with a bank that is 325 miles away from you.

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Over the last 3 months I have learned some valuable lessons. No matter what those gifted young folks in Burbank California at Business Rock Stars etc tell you, advertising on social media is not going to get you the kinds of ad to ad dollar for dollar results, than working with your local TV and/or radio station will. Number two especially FakeBook, people of any real knowledge will tell you, most thriving business’s are backing away from FakeBook, at tremendous speeds. The thing is not seen much, you can’t really target your customer base oh there are some suggestions, but never right on , simply because the demographic hasn’t hit FakeBook’s algorhythums. So you end up spending a few thousands of dollars and maybe make $100.00 if your really lucky realisticly you might make $50.00 on a $100.00 investment. That’s just betting on a loosing horse. The $750.00 plus my banks overage charge meant everything from my company’s Google GSuite account, to the Club’s streaming service account, went into the toilet. I thought the bank in ETown would refund that and put it on credit pending FakeBook’s refund. Nope, wont budge. Which brings me to the next point. It don’t matter if its one of those deposit based credit cards, like my PoohBear has, or if its a standard bank unless its within a 10 mile or less drive, and you can go in there in person, you really need to change banks. Yes its a hell of an effort, yes you have to take time to set up auto pays again with the new account, but when your bank will not even trust you long enough to honor your word and that 24 hour banking. Ever have a mess with that? Try getting someone with any real authority before 10:00 AM on the phone to fix it. I had that twice here in Swendell. Our Account was with 1st Bank of Etown Wyoming. I knew damn well that there was money going into that account, SSI don’t miss a beat usually. So everytime I’d go to withdraw the money, it’d say no funds. Really, meanwhile I had one of my drivers sitting on the other side of May Idaho, freezing to death waiting on $50.00 to put in diesel fuel to come home. First the safety of my driver was at stake, second the truck was otherwise occupied since it couldn’t be driven very far, and third, my blood preasure and my nerves were at a elevated pitch, that had it’d been I was in ETown that morning I would have kicked to the curb the who that could update their blooming computer, so I’d have funds. In June it was PoohBear’s money, this month its my money, next month that changes as its then in at Farmer’s National Bank. But until then, my phone, our radio op, my GSuite account is belly up. and the rest of my rent is upside down. 

In its infancy the idea of everything online available 24/7/365, and so on was a blessing. FakeBook wasn’t the organ grinder, GoogLe was and my 65 Blogger pages will attest to that. But over the years, it is my opinion, that the good old American brick and concrete merchant, bank, even over the air radio station is much better than relying on some online deposit. After all if its a brick and concrete vendor etc, if something goes wrong, you can at least grab the idiot behind the desk by his tie, and get his attention, if its online they just hang up on you. Now that it looks like that we are remaining in western Idaho, time to make some changes. My banking things are the start, and the thing of advertising on FakeBook, never happening again.

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