Well today is it, going offline until mid August. HazzardAyre/SAMCRO Radio, will be off air as well


Well this is it, an old TV show that started its theme song, like that. As for us today is it in SWendell Idaho. Made it official with the guy who owns this place, and he agrees this was a dead end from the get go, but I and the Knytes’ tried. But the sows ear will stay a sows ear, there’s no way just one person make a serious difference in Swendell . Not that where we are going is all that gifted, but having 3,000 more people in a town does give one a sense of hope. 

cropped-official-radio-logo2.jpg over the next few weeks there wont be any new news from our MC posted as well as the all things HazzardAyre/SAMCRO Radio will not be on air, yesterday grand old Spreaker.com, pulled the plug on us and while I’m sure it can renewed the fact is the rebuild this time will be done slowly, methodically and done without the big push that was when I first arrived here in Swendell. No women wanting to be Poster girls or on air talent that had no knowledge of how to do that, There won’t be the big hurry to impress some of those applicants and throw stuff together, and there wont be a bunch of nosey, pestering, and just plain irritating neighbors saying that I messed with a child when all I did was ask the kid, can I bum your lawn mower. I wont, have neighbors taking target practice and blowing out the tires on both my older car and my truck. Each of things just set us back a few hundred bucks a piece. Once a reputation is made its hard if you can at all , but hard to repair. Thus local ad sales for the station went right in the toilet. Bottom line I’m done. Now granted had I took some of the funds that PoohBear sent yea I could have paid the rent here in SWendell, but $650.00 rent, $300.00 car payment, $400.00 insurance Hey I insure both the LiL Wolf and the Cruiser, plus a power bill of $400.00 plus a water bill of $200.00 there’s just not enough in the cash stash. Now if I hadn’t bought ads on FakeBook, and had FakeBook honored their agreement to refund all of the money, I spent that would be fine, My $600.00 would have covered everything, but it didn’t. But then too maybe this is God’s way of telling me that this is the best that can be done here, can’t progress any further, and now its time to hit the road and go back home. So now I’m waiting on the only family I truly love and respect to help me make my move and tonight is the last of it here, then its off to home. 

So until September 1st. The old Wolf saying see ya’ll around the galaxy.

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