Getting back to the Ayre of HazzardAyre

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Before I get into my usual rant here, I want to say a beloved thank you to Jana, Hope, and Greg of CenturyLink. All went to bat for me over this last week and got me back online as far as basic DSL Internet although a bit more horsepower on the DSL front would be nice. That said I’m once again back online. So after I waited all most of the day on CenturyLink, I was ready to shoot the horse and chase the rider. So decided to venture up on foot to what used to be the Shamrock, now Diamondz Event Center. The food was medicore the service was not what I think should be in a pub much less a bar, and while having the only bar tab of $10.00 in my life, I kept wondering if this could not be much better?  The place seems right for the planting of the seed for the Reaper. When a head bartender says she’s going over to Twin Falls to buy a drink, there’s trouble in paradise. I fully understand that economic times are hard, and even harder even in Jerome Idaho here, My opinion if you can’t do it right, sell the damn place to someone that can throw some money at it and make the place a damn raging inferno. When a bar closes at 10:00 PM it means there’s a place for sale.

Of course PoohBear was getting all pissy-Ass’d thing is for some odd reason. This would be different if I had poked fun at strange puss in the past, but thing is, since I got together with PoohBear I haven’t poked fun at any strange puss yet. And I don’t plan on it. 

KTOW FM and all its parts should be up and operational come September 1st. Which is the grand reopening of Damondz Event Center here in Jerome lets just hope they get better by then, if not the Knytes are ready with an open Checkbook.

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