There are times even if you try to throw a drowning person a life rope, they still just throw it aside. Then what do you do?



When you see a business or even a person with a serious situation, and even though they are attempting a correction and heal themselves they just can’t, and so you feel inspired to lend a hand if you can. Sometimes however even though you throw a life rope to a drowning person, they just toss that life rope away. Sometimes this is done out of foolish pride, trust me I know from which I speak. Look at myself in Wendell Idaho, for a year and now two months. I was attempting to force feed a community, arrogant as it is, I wanted to fire up a radio station. Damn I wanted to uplift that community and do as much as I could to enhance it. But seemed as much as I did, the more I got kicked in the head and teeth. As much as many said it’d never work, at least there I kept trying. The only two sources of support in many ways was Kathleen and her family and the WolfPack, not so much the Knytes, they overall gave up on the town. But the WolfPack said lets keep trying. In September, when I lost Cable-One and found myself sinking, I felt very much like saying foopah to the area and head straight back to Evanston. In fact the first part of December and had I not been forced into buying a car, I had it in mind to vamoose Idaho and do just that head back to Evanston. Wyoming. Yet the other day when I hauled some parts n pieces down to put on LexiBelle, I found much of Evanston had not yet changed in fact no big changes. Even the same staff at the Pilot/Flying J there, as well as Syd was there that night doing her duty. Syd is very special to me. If truth be known, Syd is why I’m still walking the Earth, had she not been as close as she was, and had came to visit me, like she did, and that day she discovered me collapsed in the bathtub, with my hand caught in the toilet after suffering a diabetic mini stroke, got me out of the tub, laid me out on the bed and getting me medical help, with no thought of me being fully naked, no thought of being kinky, or anything, only that she was saving my life.  Which you know who had to make one of her fuss’s over. Like she did over Angel. See it wasn’t that Angel, was a great radio personality{DJ}, or even a media person. Nope, I was relaxed to know that there was someone other than Kathleen, albeit rather infrequent, due to some meddling of nosey neighbors, and thank Heavenly Father for her as well, But Angel came every day, to do some sort of task, the reason I was relaxed was simply that if one of my glucose imbalances  occurred that Angel could at least get help or get me to help. Diabetes even type 2 is no joking matter. Thank Heavenly Father that I can still function as normal, even up to a point eat normal, and not have to stick myself in the gut with a needle full of insulin. But if I miss my meds even for a day or two I feel it. I especially now worry, about this situation, barracks wise, if something did happen, who would know? The neighbors upstairs? Only if the stench of my decomposing corps hit em so bad they reacted. Even with the few albeit few, people I know here in Jerome, if I died in my sleep, or my diabetes, no body would know until was too late. Too bad too many chased away Angel. But I’m getting away from the subject. Although I could point out to Angel I know of a place here in Jerome that is hiring, that would take her on in a heart beat, place is called Diamondz Even Center And I know if Diamondz took on Angel, they’d be a heap alot better than they are now.  Example; went in two nights in a row here. On a Friday and especially a Saturday at 20:00,[8:00PM]; there should be starting to see some serious traffic. Nope, outside of one old gal whose days of dating were years ago over and whatever he was she picked up that had some sort of physical challenge there was no one in that bar. Even the cook, said he was bored. Bored? The head bartender says she goes to Twin Falls to party. Now inject Angel or someone with Angel’s intelligence and looks, there’d be much more activity in that bar than there is now.  Now the head bartender there says there’s no excitment in Jerome, yet at both bars up the street you could hear music and all, but not at Diamondz. Now because lessons of reaching out from myself to help others, that I have learned from Syd, Dave, Kathleen and all, I thought Hey I could put the might of KTOW behind Diamondz  help sell event tickets and so on, but as much as I threw in that offer it was rejected. But it’s just like Bro taught me years ago, the adage of, you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink, and if you hold its head in the water too long its only going to drown.  Some point you just have to let it drown and suffer. And when it dies, as surly as it will at this rate, can you say, The Reaper?

Last night I started this , but never got to touch upon it. The handle that relit the candle of us being on radio in fact even resurrected the Knytes was back in mid 1999 after I relocated from Goon’s Ferry, Idaho  here to Jerome then was discovering Airpower LTD. A place just outside Jerome here at the Jerome County Airport. Being a Marine aviator myself, and finding 4 . F-4-U F4U parked out there and learning that there are collectors who pay wampum dollars for restored warbirds, I thought shit, I’m in the wrong business. At about that time construction of a aviation half of the Knytes was envisioned and started. Granted the formal location of formation was in Woods Cross at Bountiful SkyPark, Utah, still we were conceived near here in Jerome Idaho, pretty much where I was born. With that in mind. The combination of Hazzard County Radio and AyreWolf FM(AyreWolf Radio) is why its called HazzardAyre. There’s so much history and all in these old military birds that its astonishing. Most of the youth here and in fact most of the area south of St. Mary’s Idaho have no idea that the most famous military aviator ever born was born here in Idaho. Or that an area airport was named after him. Even that a rather tall black statue of him rests as a tribute and memorial of him right at the entry way to that airport, yet there it is. The VMF(VMA now)214 is one of the most legendary Marine fighter squadrons ever assembled.  With that said many of us thought hey we have been chasing Hazzard County for so long, why not get back into things with wings? Watch for happenings on that level in months to come. The other thought too here is this, flying on the course of a Marine fighter squadron’s tail might be better and less frightening than an MC, flying a battle flag of Dixie, as I learned had neighbors in Wendell Idaho a bit put out. Nosey bastards anyhow. 

Got Church later this morning, so gotta close. 

L*8*R Aviators



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