Ever consider that the big ECommerce websites are loosing the game next to small local merchants?

cropped-hazzard-gazzette-hedder.jpgHazzard Wolfs Journal

All day yesterday through out my sleep, hey it was a great cooler outside weather day and I caught needed zz’s. So kept dreaming of chowing down on two things, A bowl of Pebbles Fruity cereal, and then some old style Twinkies. So went out looking. Of course I go to the local Walmart, nope didn’t have either of the items I wanted. Seems as though any more the only thing in the food department that Walmart excells with is low priced milk, past that most of your trusted brands, have been discontinued. Which got me to thinking, what if there was a day that Walmart pulled the plug on their retail stores, and went strictly online, like Amazon? No more Walmart stores just a website. Although tonight try accessing Walmart’s website. Its down. 

All day Monday was peaceful and serene. I turned down my cell phone, and just slept. Did not care who if anyone would call, much less didn’t want to talk to anyone. Got up at 15:00 reluctantly got dressed and went out. First went to the Jerome McDonalds, just had the Smokehouse Bacon Burger, tonight that was really bad. Then over to Walmart to find food for later, of which there wasn’t any. Of course Sunday wasn’t much better. No place in Jerome to go and get a real sit down with veggies meal. I did like Saturday though down at Choates Taylor reminded me to eat my green beans. Maybe somebody is sniffing the old wolf here? But what if there was no more Walmart’s? What if you could only buy things from Walmart, if you ordered online? Walmart is hurting, as it is Walmart will fade as did K-Mart and Sears. Walmart’s big stumble is when they entered the retail food space. If Walmart had stayed in the niche of being strictly dry goods, and hardware they would have been fine. Some say local retailers etc can’t compete with Walmart, I say pick something that Walmart doesn’t do, or doesn’t do well, and discount the heck out of it. Adios Walmart.

In closing, and I wonder, since it was obvious, but was it that I and my medium sized equipment that all to many femfitels were saying I had a nice slong? And how could they see Herman? This is getting curious and curiouser. More in the mid day I need sleep.

my stickHCCLOGO1


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